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Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Video Description

More than just a book!

Want to organize, fix, and share your photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8? Don’t just read about it: see it, hear it, with step-by-step screencasts and expert audio tips. It’s allthe help you’ll ever need…where you want it, when you want it!

Do all this, and much more…

  • Get all your photos into Elements, fast!

  • Organize your collection, and find exactly what you’re looking for

  • Instantly fix any photo’s color, lighting, and clarity

  • Take total control with manual photo editing

  • Build great collages with Elements’ layers feature

  • Make the most of filters and special effects

  • Place your photos on calendars, coffee mugs, and other useful objects

  • Share your best images with family and friends on the Web

  • Create great print and scrapbooking projects with templates and embellishments

  • You alwayslearn in the fastest, easiest way!

  • Show Mevideo walks through tasks you’ve just got to see—including bonus advanced techniques

  • Tell Me Moreaudio delivers practical, “straight from the experts” insights

  • Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Getting Photos into Photoshop Elements
      1. SHOW ME Media 1.1—Using Standard Import Options 00:05:54
      2. SHOW ME Media 1.2—Scanning Images 00:03:36
      3. TELL ME MORE Media 1.3—Using an Image Scanning Service 00:02:25
      4. SHOW ME Media 1.4—Creating a New Image File 00:02:49
    2. Chapter 2: Organizing Your Collection
      1. SHOW ME Media 2.1—Setting Up Smart Albums 00:02:26
      2. SHOW ME Media 2.2—Modifying Tags and Categories 00:02:28
      3. TELL ME MORE Media 2.3—Tagging Photos 00:02:04
      4. SHOW ME Media 2.4—Identifying Faces 00:04:20
    3. Chapter 3: Finding the Pictures You Want
      1. SHOW ME Media 3.1—Using Calendar View 00:01:26
      2. SHOW ME Media 3.2—Searching by Metadata 00:03:01
      3. SHOW ME Media 3.3—Creating Smart Albums 00:01:01
    4. Chapter 4: Maintaining Your Photo Collection
      1. TELL ME MORE Media 4.1—What Is Photoshop.com? 00:01:16
      2. TELL ME MORE Media 4.2—Why Buy a Photoshop.com Plus Membership? 00:01:28
      3. SHOW ME Media 4.3—How Are Sync Conflicts Resolved? 00:01:51
      4. SHOW ME Media 4.4—Editing Images Online 00:03:18
      5. SHOW ME Media 4.5—Burning a Disc 00:01:18
    5. Chapter 5: Working in the Editor
      1. TELL ME MORE Media 5.1—How Many Ways Can You Undo? 00:02:06
      2. SHOW ME Media 5.2—Applying Quick Fixes 00:02:24
      3. SHOW ME Media 5.3—Performing a Guided Edit 00:03:22
      4. SHOW ME Media 5.4—Using Tabbed Windows and Independent Windows 00:01:24
    6. Chapter 6: Fixing Your Pictures
      1. SHOW ME Media 6.1—Choosing the Right Crop 00:01:13
      2. SHOW ME Media 6.2—Changing Image Resolution 00:01:46
      3. SHOW ME Media 6.3—Using the Levels Dialog to Redistribute Dark and Light Areas in an Image 00:01:48
      4. TELL ME MORE Media 6.4—Dealing with Highlights and Shadows Close-In 00:01:46
      5. SHOW ME Media 6.5—Adjusting Color Saturation with the Sponge 00:01:42
      6. SHOW ME Media 6.6—Using Unsharp Masking 00:02:04
    7. Chapter 7: Using Advanced Editing Techniques
      1. TELL ME MORE Media 7.1—Selection Parlor Tricks 00:01:21
      2. SHOW ME Media 7.2—Saving Selections 00:01:24
      3. SHOW ME Media 7.3—Using the Spot Healing Brush 00:03:09
      4. Tell Me More: Media 7.4—Color by the Numbers 00:02:28
      5. SHOW ME Media 7.5—Using the Magic Extractor 00:05:33
    8. Chapter 8: Painting, Drawing, and Adding Type
      1. TELL ME MORE Media 8.1—Using a Pressure-Sensitive Tablet 00:01:14
      2. SHOW ME Media 8.2—Painting and Erasing 00:05:26
      3. SHOW ME Media 8.3—Trimming Pictures to Custom Shapes 00:03:14
      4. SHOW ME Media 8.4—Warping a Type Layer 00:02:00
    9. Chapter 9: Using Layers for Collage and More
      1. SHOW ME Media 9.1—Building and Working with Layers 00:02:15
      2. SHOW ME Media 9.2—Modifying Layer Transparency 00:05:31
      3. SHOW ME Media 9.3—Creating Adjustment Layers 00:02:20
      4. TELL ME MORE Media 9.4—Setting Guide and Grid Preferences 00:01:50
    10. Chapter 10: Applying Filters and Special Effects
      1. SHOW ME Media 10.1—Applying Filters 00:02:06
      2. TELL ME MORE Media 10.2—What Does the Custom Filter Actually Do? 00:01:14
      3. SHOW ME Media 10.3—Experimenting with Filters 00:02:15
      4. SHOW ME Media 10.4—Working with Layer Styles 00:01:53
    11. Chapter 11: Using Built-in Content and Templates
      1. SHOW ME Media 11.1—Adding Backgrounds 00:01:25
      2. SHOW ME Media 11.2—Adding Frames and Themes 00:02:22
      3. SHOW ME Media 11.3—Adding Shapes and Graphics 00:00:48
    12. Chapter 12: Printing Photos
      1. TELL ME MORE Media 12.1—Choosing the Right Paper and Ink 00:01:32
      2. TELL ME MORE Media 12.2—Improving Color Output by Specifying Profiles 00:01:18
      3. SHOW ME Media 12.3—Printing a Contact Sheet 00:03:28
      4. SHOW ME Media 12.4—Printing Standard Prints 00:02:04
      5. SHOW ME Media 12.5—Printing a Picture Package 00:02:35
    13. Chapter 13: Sharing Photos Online
      1. SHOW ME Media 13.1—Emailing Photos 00:01:54
      2. TELL ME MORE Media 13.2—Using Web-Based Email with Photoshop Elements 00:00:50
      3. SHOW ME Media 13.3—Making a Slide Show 00:05:01
      4. SHOW ME Media 13.4—Mapping Your Photos 00:03:31
    14. Chapter 14: Creating Special Print Projects
      1. SHOW ME Media 14.1—Designing a Photo Collage 00:07:57
      2. SHOW ME Media 14.2—Designing a Photo Book 00:10:09
      3. SHOW ME Media 14.3—Designing a Card 00:06:00
      4. TELL ME MORE Media 14.4—Options for Labeling Discs 00:01:29