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David BothUsing and Administering Linux: Volume 1https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5049-5_18

18. Files, Directories, and Links

David Both
Raleigh, NC, USA


In this chapter you will learn
  • To define the term “file”
  • To describe the purpose of files
  • To read and describe file permissions
  • How the umask command and settings affect the creation of files by users
  • To set file permissions
  • The structure of the metadata for files including the directory entry and the inode
  • To describe the three types of Linux file timestamps
  • To find, use, and set the three timestamps of a Linux file
  • The easy way to identify what type a file is, binary or text
  • To obtain the metadata for a file
  • To define hard and soft links
  • How to use and manage links

Introduction ...

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