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D. BothUsing and Administering Linux: Volume 3https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5485-1_6

6. Routing and Firewalls

David Both1 
Raleigh, NC, USA


In this chapter you will learn
  • To define the function of a router

  • To configure a Linux host as a router

  • To configure the router firewall to support routing functions

  • To understand and create entries for a routing table

  • To install Fail2Ban, a tool that can dynamically modify the firewall to block various types of attacks


At first glance, routing and firewalls might seem to have little to do with each other, but they are very closely entwined. Both are found at network boundaries and they work together to perform routing.

Routing is the task of ensuring that packets get ...

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