Using Google Maps and Google Earth

Video description

In the included video, Google expert Michael Miller walks you, step-by-step through using Google Maps and Google Earth. Each short video segment addresses a specific task — from mapping a specific location to using Google maps for public transit, and from using Maps on your iPhone to creating custom Placemarks in Google Earth. These videos are an indispensable addition to the book, bringing the step-by-step direction in the book to life. It’s like having a Google expert standing right next to you showing you how to do everything with Google Maps and Google Earth!

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Mapping Your Favorite Places with Google Maps
    1. Show Me Media 1.1—Mapping a Specific Location 00:02:37
    2. Show Me Media 1.2—Comparing Different Views 00:05:23
    3. Show Me Media 1.3—Using Google Street View 00:02:58
    4. Tell Me More Media 1.4—Google Street View: Too Much Exposure? 00:03:47
  2. Chapter 2: Generating Driving (and Walking!) Directions
    1. Show Me Media 2.1—Generating Step-by-Step Directions 00:03:36
    2. Tell Me More Media 2.2—How Accurate are Google Maps? 00:03:12
    3. Show Me Media 2.3—Modifying Directions, Interactively 00:01:25
    4. Show Me Media 2.4—Using Google Maps for Public Transit 00:02:18
  3. Chapter 3: Finding and Placing Businesses on Google Maps
    1. Show Me Media 3.1—Searching for Nearby Businesses 00:01:14
    2. Show Me Media 3.2—Learning More About a Business 00:01:55
    3. Tell Me More Media 3.3—Incorporating Google Places in Your Online Marketing Strategy 00:02:10
    4. Show Me Media 3.4—Adding Your Business to Google Places 00:04:06
  4. Chapter 4: Creating Custom Maps with My Maps
    1. Tell Me More Media 4.1—Why You Might Need a Custom Map 00:01:37
    2. Show Me Media 4.2—Creating a Custom Map 00:01:15
    3. Show Me Media 4.3—Adding Placemarks and Other Items to Your Custom Map 00:03:54
    4. Show Me Media 4.4—Sharing Your Custom Map 00:01:02
  5. Chapter 5: Creating Map Mashups with the Google Maps API
    1. Tell Me More Media 5.1—My Maps vs. the Google Maps API: Which Should You Use? 00:01:52
    2. Show Me Media 5.2—Creating a Basic Map 00:04:14
    3. Show Me Media 5.3—Changing Map Types 00:02:22
    4. Show Me Media 5.4—Adding Map Markers 00:03:21
  6. Chapter 6: Using Google Maps on Your iPhone
    1. Tell Me More Media 6.1—Google Maps and Apple's iPhone: A Perfect Match 00:03:36
    2. Show Me Media 6.2—Mapping a Location 00:02:43
    3. Show Me Media 6.3—Finding Nearby Businesses 00:02:02
    4. Show Me Media 6.4—Generating Driving Directions 00:02:25
  7. Chapter 7: Navigating Google Earth
    1. Tell Me More Media 7.1—Comparing Google Earth to Google Maps 00:02:55
    2. Show Me Media 7.2—Using Google Earth's Navigation Controls 00:02:12
    3. Show Me Media 7.3—A Quick Tour of Google Earth 00:05:14
    4. Show Me Media 7.4—Searching for Locations 00:01:36
  8. Chapter 8: Using Layers and Placemarks
    1. Tell Me More Media 8.1—Understanding Layers 00:03:06
    2. Show Me Media 8.2—Activating Layers 00:02:46
    3. Show Me Media 8.3—Displaying POIs 00:02:01
    4. Show Me Media 8.4—Creating Custom Placemarks 00:02:02
  9. Chapter 9: Displaying Google Earth Driving Directions
    1. Show Me Media 9.1—Creating a Google Earth Roadmap 00:01:37
    2. Tell Me More Media 9.2—Driving Directions in Google Earth vs. Google Maps 00:02:52
    3. Show Me Media 9.3—Touring Your Route 00:02:02
    4. Show Me Media 9.4—Printing and Saving Directions 00:01:06
  10. Chapter 10: Beyond Google Earth
    1. Tell Me More Media 10.1—Fun Stuff in Google Earth 00:03:41
    2. Show Me Media 10.2—A Tour of Google Sky 00:01:38
    3. Show Me Media 10.3—A Tour of Google Moon 00:02:18
    4. Show Me Media 10.4—Flying Google Earth's Flight Simulator 00:02:14

Product information

  • Title: Using Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132377980