36 Using IBM WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services V5
1.9 Using pop-up lists
In the previous release of HATS, a developer could only specify that an Input
Field should be rendered as a Text Input Widget. In this release, a developer can
render the Input Field as a field followed by a button. When pressed, it results in
a pop-up list of possible values. This is similar to the usage of a drop-down list,
just with a different look. A valid value pop-up list is used if the developer wants to
limit the values that a user can enter into this input field.
To use this pop-up list feature, follow these steps:
1. Select project name. Right-click and select New HATS
2. In the window that opens, for the Transformation name, type UserTasks and
click Next.
Attention: Before you continue to the next section, close all tabs in the editor
pane, but do not close HATS. We test all the customizations together at the
end of the chapter.
Chapter 1. New components and widgets 37
3. In the Create a Transformation – Select Screen window (Figure 1-30), select
User Tasks. We captured this screen in 1.6, “Screen captures and drop-down
lists” on page 21. Click Next.
Figure 1-30 Pop-up selection list
38 Using IBM WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services V5
4. Complete the Rendering Options panel as shown in Figure 1-31 with the
following information:
Initial Layout: Blank
Leave other options at their default values
Click Next. And then click Finish.
Figure 1-31 Pop-up rendering options
5. HATS opens the New Screen Customization panel. Click Next twice and then
click Finish.
Chapter 1. New components and widgets 39
6. Press Ctrl+S to save the UserTask.jsp file.
7. Be sure that you are on the Design view of UserTask.jsp as shown in
Figure 1-32. Right-click and select HATS Tools
Insert Host Component.
Figure 1-32 Pop-up Insert Host Component
40 Using IBM WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services V5
8. In the Insert Component Tag – Screen Region window (Figure 1-33), select
the command line using your mouse pointer.
Figure 1-33 Pop-up selection on a screen
9. The Rendering options panel opens. Under Components, select Input field.
Under Widgets, select Popup. Click Next.

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