Using iPhone (covers iOS5 on iPhone 4 or 4s)

Video description

Whether you’re a new Apple iPhone user, or have recently upgraded to the iOS 5 operating system (or the new iPhone 4S), Using iPhone (Covers iOS5 on the iPhone 4 and 4S) uses video and audio segments to quickly help you discover how to get the most out of your Smartphone, by teaching you how to use all of its main features, functions and preinstalled apps like a pro. You’ll also discover how to customize your iPhone to meet your needs, install and use the best third-party apps, use your iPhone with Apple’s iCloud online-based file sharing service, plus take advantage of the newest features incorporated into the iOS 5 operating system - including Notification Center, Reminders, Newsstand and Siri. The Show Me video and Tell Me More audio segments that come with Using iPhone will help you become proficient using your iPhone fast, in a fun and entertaining way, and with minimal effort on your part.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: What’s New with iOS 5
    1. SHOW ME Media 1.1—Introduction to Notification Center 00:03:49
    2. TELL ME MORE Media 1.2—Choosing a Wireless Service Provider 00:04:49
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 1.3—Protecting Your iPhone: AppleCare and Third-Party Insurance 00:02:36
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 1.4—Investing in a Screen Protector and Case for Your iPhone 00:02:27
    5. SHOW ME Media 1.5—Update Your Existing Apps, If Necessary 00:02:18
  2. Chapter 2: Getting to Know Your iPhone
    1. SHOW ME Media 2.1—Introduction to Multitasking Mode 00:02:26
    2. TELL ME MORE Media 2.2—iPhone Battery Charging Options 00:03:29
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 2.3—Tips for Extending Your iPhone’s Battery Between Charges 00:02:48
  3. Chapter 3: Learning iPhone Basics
    1. SHOW ME Media 3.1—Using the iPhone’s Spotlight Search Feature 00:02:06
    2. SHOW ME Media 3.2—Demonstration of the Select, Copy, and Paste Commands 00:02:35
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 3.3—iPhone Internet Connection Options 00:03:16
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 3.4—Pros and Cons of Using a Wi-Fi Internet Connection 00:02:49
  4. Chapter 4: An Introduction to iCloud
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 4.1—Using Dropbox Instead of iCloud 00:02:29
    2. SHOW ME Media 4.2—Customize iCloud from the Settings App 00:03:49
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 4.3—Using the iCloud Backup Feature 00:03:09
    4. SHOW ME Media 4.4—Upgrading your iCloud Account’s Online Storage Capacity 00:02:20
  5. Chapter 5: Customizing Your iPhone
    1. SHOW ME Media 5.1—Moving Icons Around on the Home Screen 00:03:42
    2. SHOW ME Media 5.2—Change the Custom Wallpaper of Your Lock Screen and Home Screen 00:02:59
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 5.3—Customizing Notification Center 00:02:53
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 5.4—Use Custom Ringtones 00:02:48
  6. Chapter 6: Placing and Receiving Calls
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 6.1—Reasons to Invest in a Good-Quality Wireless Bluetooth Headset 00:03:02
    2. SHOW ME Media 6.2—Manually Dial a Phone Number, Initiate, and Then End a Call 00:01:58
    3. SHOW ME Media 6.3—Initiate a Three-Way Conference Call 00:02:23
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 6.4—Using FaceTime and the Contacts App Together 00:02:51
  7. Chapter 7: Surfing the Web on Your iPhone
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 7.1—There’s No Flash Support in Safari 00:02:37
    2. SHOW ME Media 7.2—Using Tabbed Browsing with Safari 00:02:06
    3. SHOW ME Media 7.3—Using Bookmarks and the Bookmarks Bar 00:01:53
  8. Chapter 8: Sending and Receiving Email
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 8.1—Creating Email Folders 00:03:12
    2. SHOW ME Media 8.2—Composing an Email 00:02:32
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 8.3—Customizing Mail Settings 00:03:17
    4. SHOW ME Media 8.4—Sending an Email Within Another App (Aside from Mail) 00:03:07
  9. Chapter 9: Managing Music on Your iPhone
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 9.1—Introduction to iTunes Match 00:03:19
    2. SHOW ME Media 9.2—Accessing Past iTunes Music Purchases via iCloud 00:02:34
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 9.3—Other Sources for Music Besides iTunes 00:02:48
    4. SHOW ME Media 9.4—Creating Custom Playlists 00:03:11
  10. Chapter 10: Managing Contacts on Your iPhone
    1. SHOW ME Media 10.1—Linking a Photo to a Contact 00:02:11
    2. SHOW ME Media 10.2—Adding Special Fields to a Contact 00:02:29
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 10.3—Linking Contacts 00:02:09
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 10.4—Sharing Contacts 00:01:44
  11. Chapter 11: Tracking Appointments, Events, and To-Do Lists
    1. SHOW ME Media 11.1—Adding an Alarm to an Appointment 00:02:38
    2. SHOW ME Media 11.2—Creating a Recurring Appointment 00:01:49
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 11.3—Linking Birthdays from Contacts into Calendar 00:02:43
  12. Chapter 12: Navigating Your World with Maps
    1. SHOW ME Media 12.1—Choose from Three Route Options When Obtaining Directions Between Two Locations 00:03:38
    2. SHOW ME Media 12.2—Demonstration of the Different Map Views 00:02:15
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 12.3—Using the Show Traffic Option Within Maps 00:03:21
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 12.4—Using Maps in Conjunction with Other Apps 00:03:01
  13. Chapter 13: Taking and Viewing Photos and Videos
    1. SHOW ME Media 13.1—Using the Camera App’s HDR Mode and Onscreen Grid 00:02:47
    2. SHOW ME Media 13.2—Sharing Photos Within the Photos App 00:04:09
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 13.3—Adding Special Effects to Photos 00:03:20
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 13.4—Optional Photo Editing Software 00:02:31
  14. Chapter 14: Overview of Some Additional Pre-Installed iPhone Apps
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 14.1—Learn About Different Types of Gaming Experiences on the iPhone 00:03:36
    2. SHOW ME Media 14.2—Demonstration of Gaming on the iPhone 00:03:22
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 14.3—Experiencing multiplayer games on the iPhone 00:03:19
    4. SHOW ME Media 14.4—A Demonstration of Siri on the iPhone 4S 00:03:44
  15. Chapter 15: The App Store, iBookstore, and Newsstand
    1. SHOW ME Media 15.1—Introduction to the iBooks App 00:04:19
    2. SHOW ME Media 15.2—Word Processing with the Pages App 00:03:12
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 15.3—Subscribing to the Digital Editions of Popular Newspapers and Magazines 00:03:55
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 15.4—Alternatives to Using iBooks and iBookstore 00:03:46
  16. Chapter 16: Access Online Social Networking Sites from Your iPhone
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 16.1—Maintaining Your Privacy by Adjusting the Location Services Feature of Your iPhone 00:03:31
    2. TELL ME MORE Media 16.2—An Introduction to Twitter 00:04:32
    3. SHOW ME Media 16.3—Tweeting Within Various Apps, Like Photos 00:03:30
    4. SHOW ME Media 16.4—Managing Your Facebook Account with the Official Facebook App 00:02:31

Product information

  • Title: Using iPhone (covers iOS5 on iPhone 4 or 4s)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0133033600