Using iTunes 10

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Using iTunes 2010 brings you over 40 media elements, detailing everything from getting your content into iTunes, organizing it, playing it and getting more from the iTunes store. Using these instructional audio and video files is the fastest way to get comfortable with the newest version of iTunes. Topics covered include transferring files from your computer into iTunes, creating smart playlists, using Genius, setting parental controls, viewing TV, movies and other video content, setting up your syncing preferences, privacy while using Ping, and much, much more!

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Getting Started with iTunes 10
    1. Tell Me More Media 1.1—What's New in iTunes 10? 00:03:41
    2. Show Me Media 1.2—Finding Your Way Around 00:04:02
    3. Show Me Media 1.3—Views in iTunes 00:05:41
    4. Show Me Media 1.4—Setting Up iTunes as Your Default Audio Player in Windows 00:01:39
    5. Tell Me More Media 1.5—Can I Use iTunes with a Non-iPod MP3 Player? 00:02:03
  2. Chapter 2: Getting Content into iTunes
    1. Show Me Media 2.1—Importing Music into iTunes from a CD 00:07:48
    2. Show Me Media 2.2—Making an Album Gapless 00:02:09
    3. Show Me Media 2.3—Transferring Files from Your Computer into iTunes 00:04:10
  3. Chapter 3: Shopping in the iTunes Store
    1. Tell Me More Media 3.1—How You Can Use Your iTunes Purchases 00:03:23
    2. Show Me Media 3.2—Finding Items in the iTunes Store 00:05:07
    3. Show Me Media 3.3—Setting Parental Controls 00:05:53
    4. Show Me Media 3.4—Creating and Using an iTunes Store Wish List 00:05:40
  4. Chapter 4: Listening in iTunes
    1. Show Me Media 4.1—iTunes Radio Stations 00:02:21
    2. Show Me Media 4.2—Using the iTunes Equalizer 00:05:52
    3. Show Me Media 4.3—The iTunes Visualizer 00:05:07
  5. Chapter 5: Playing with Playlists
    1. Show Me Media 5.1—Working with Playlists 00:06:27
    2. Show Me Media 5.2—Using the iTunes DJ 00:05:27
    3. Show Me Media 5.3—Creating a Smart Playlist 00:06:53
    4. Tell Me More Media 5.4—Genius, Your Information, and Privacy 00:02:39
  6. Chapter 6: Viewing in iTunes: TV, Movies, and More
    1. Show Me Media 6.1—Watching a Video in iTunes 00:04:37
    2. Show Me Media 6.2—Renting and Watching Videos in iTunes 00:04:00
    3. Show Me Media 6.3—Playing a Mixed Video/Music Playlist 00:02:50
    4. Tell Me More Media 6.4—Standard Definition or HD? 00:02:21
  7. Chapter 7: Organizing Your Content
    1. Tell Me More Media 7.1—Working with Beats per Minute 00:04:17
    2. Show Me Media 7.2—Finding Duplicate Items in Your iTunes Library 00:03:17
    3. Show Me Media 7.3—Creating and Using Apps Folders in iTunes 00:04:20
    4. Show Me Media 7.4—Searching Your iTunes Library 00:02:33
  8. Chapter 8: Managing Your iTunes Library
    1. Tell Me More Media 8.1—Copyright and Fair Use 00:04:40
    2. Show Me Media 8.2—Saving an iTunes Playlist to an Audio CD 00:05:20
    3. Show Me Media 8.3—Moving Your iTunes Media Folder 00:07:34
    4. Show Me Media 8.4—Creating a New iTunes Library 00:04:27
  9. Chapter 9: Syncing and Sharing
    1. Show Me Media 9.1—Setting Up Automatic Syncing 00:06:39
    2. Show Me Media 9.2—Syncing Photos with iTunes 00:03:49
    3. Show Me Media 9.3—Sharing in iTunes 00:09:47
    4. Tell Me More Media 9.4—AirPlay and AirTunes 00:02:15
  10. Chapter 10: Ping: iTunes Goes Social
    1. Tell Me More Media 10.1—Ping and Privacy 00:03:31
    2. Show Me Media 10.2—Taking a Look around Ping 00:05:23
    3. Show Me Media 10.3—Finding and Following People 00:07:38
    4. Show Me Media 10.4—Sharing Music on Ping 00:09:53
  11. Chapter 11: iTunes Tips and Tricks
    1. Show Me Media 11.1—Playing Music with the iTunes Mini Player 00:02:57
    2. Show Me Media 11.2—Playing Music with the iTunes Desktop Player 00:03:05
    3. Show Me Media 11.3—Changing the Length of a Track 00:03:42
    4. Tell Me More Media 11.4—Editing Audio Tracks 00:03:18

Product information

  • Title: Using iTunes 10
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2011
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780789748232