Chapter 9. Create and Share an Event Calendar

Helen travels to dog shows and other pet events year round. She needs a way to keep track of those events and let her site visitors know about them. The best way to do this is to add an events calendar to the site. We will use a third-party extension called JEvents for this purpose.

JEvents is a free extension. The documentation and support are a bit lacking unless you purchase a membership. That being said, JEvents is straightforward to install and to use for simple implementations of an events calendar.

Hands-On Exercise: Installing and Configuring JEvents

  1. Back up your site.
  2. You can install JEvents through the Install from Web tab in the Extension Manager just as you did with Akeeba Backup (see Mastering Backups).
  3. After installation is complete, navigate to Components and then JEvents.
  4. Click on Configuration.
  5. You will see three buttons for “Config options to show.” Click on the Advanced button.
  6. The left sidebar shows the different sections to be configured in JEvents. In the Component section, leave every entry at the default except for the following:

    • Change Show Headline to Menu entry
    • Change Show Copyright Footer to No
    • Change JEvents Project News to No
    • Change “Timezone for site” to our time zone
  7. Click Save and then click on Permissions in the left sidebar.
  8. Chose the groups and what they are allowed to do. For Joomla Pet Center, the default permissions are fine as is.
  9. Click on Event Editing from the left sidebar. Read this ...

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