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Using Kindle™: Your Guide to All Things Kindle and Kindle DX, Fourth Edition

Book Description

Make the most of your new Amazon KindleTM eBook reader! Read books, play media, get free content, uncover powerful, little-known Kindle features you’ll love!


Learn to do all this and much more… 

  • Connect to Amazon’s Kindle Store and buy content

  • Download a world of free books and other content

  • Manage your content and quickly find what you’re looking for

  • Read books on Kindle and customize a better reading experience

  • Quickly sync content across multiple Kindles and other devices

  • Make the most of Kindle’s menus, keyboard shortcuts, and search

  • Read Adobe PDFs without converting them

  • Listen to Audible audiobooks–and use Kindle’s text-to-speech to hear other books, too

  • Play MP3 music and games

  • Use Kindle’s built-in New Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary of English

  • Add bookmarks, notes, clips, and highlights to your books

  • Use Kindle Whispernet to read email, check Facebook, even manage your Netflix queue

  • Convert and manage Kindle content with Calibre

  • Find the best third-party Kindle apps, add-ons, and web resources