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Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Video Description

Using Mac OS X Snow Leopardbrings you over 65 video tutorials detailing everything from desktop configuration and Web browsing to using Widgets and making your own DVDs. Watching these videos is the fastest way to get comfortable with the newest features of Snow Leopard! Topics covered include passwords and preferences; user account control; support resources and file management; managing mail and editing photos; importing video and playing music, and much, much more!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Setting Up Snow Leopard
    1. SHOW ME Media 1.1—Setting Network Preferences 00:02:03
    2. SHOW ME Media 1.2—Changing Your User Account Password 00:01:05
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 1.3—Creating Strong Passwords 00:01:56
  2. Chapter 2: Getting Comfortable with Snow Leopard
    1. SHOW ME Media 2.1—Creating a User Account 00:01:49
    2. SHOW ME Media 2.2—Deleting a User Account 00:02:39
    3. SHOW ME Media 2.3—Setting Up Fast User Switching 00:02:27
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 2.4—Inappropriate Use of Automatic Login 00:01:49
  3. Chapter 3: Getting Familiar with Your Hardware
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 3.1—Trackpad Gestures 00:01:51
    2. SHOW ME Media 3.2—Using the System Profiler 00:01:11
    3. SHOW ME Media 3.3—Installing a Printer 00:02:20
  4. Chapter 4: Tailoring the Desktop to Your Liking
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 4.1—Creating Neutral Space in a Photo 00:02:17
    2. SHOW ME Media 4.2—Hiding the Dock 00:01:10
    3. SHOW ME Media 4.3—Adding the Eject Button to Menu Extras 00:02:11
    4. SHOW ME Media 4.4—Using the Mosaic Effect in a Screen Saver 00:02:16
  5. Chapter 5: Making Use of Support Resources
    1. SHOW ME Media 5.1—Searching for Text in a Help Article 00:00:56
    2. TELL ME MORE Media 5.2—Boolean Operators 00:03:39
    3. SHOW ME Media 5.3—Scheduling a Callback from an Apple Expert 00:05:26
    4. SHOW ME Media 5.4—Making an Appointment at the Genius Bar 00:02:31
  6. Chapter 6: Managing Applications and Files
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 6.1—Contrasting Two Methods for Minimizing Windows 00:03:32
    2. SHOW ME Media 6.2—Using Spaces 00:05:37
    3. SHOW ME Media 6.3—Customizing Views in the Finder 00:02:27
    4. SHOW ME Media 6.4—Creating a Smart Folder 00:03:03
    5. SHOW ME Media 6.5—Adding Spotlight Comments to Files 00:03:27
    6. SHOW ME Media 6.6—Using Other Features of Spotlight 00:01:51
    7. SHOW ME Media 6.7—Copying Files by Dragging 00:01:32
    8. SHOW ME Media 6.8—Moving Files by Dragging 00:07:10
  7. Chapter 7: Browsing the Web
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 7.1—Setting Safari Preferences 00:04:49
    2. SHOW ME Media 7.2—Customizing Top Sites 00:01:59
    3. SHOW ME Media 7.3—Setting Parental Controls for a User Account 00:02:08
    4. SHOW ME Media 7.4—Creating a Bookmark Folder 00:01:21
    5. SHOW ME Media 7.5—Setting the Auto-Click Preference in Safari 00:01:26
    6. SHOW ME Media 7.6—Copying Text in a PDF File 00:01:22
    7. SHOW ME Media 7.7—Saving a Web Receipt 00:01:38
  8. Chapter 8: Keeping Your Address Book and Schedule
    1. SHOW ME Media 8.1—Editing the Address Card Template 00:02:08
    2. SHOW ME Media 8.2—Creating a New Address Card 00:03:12
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 8.3—Publishing a Calendar to the Web 00:01:41
    4. SHOW ME Media 8.4—Setting an Alarm 00:03:26
    5. SHOW ME Media 8.5—Creating a Birthday Calendar 00:01:10
    6. SHOW ME Media 8.6—Creating a To Do Item 00:02:21
  9. Chapter 9: Emailing and Chatting Online
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 9.1—Special Uses for the Bcc Field 00:02:07
    2. SHOW ME Media 9.2—Creating Smart Mailboxes 00:02:26
    3. SHOW ME Media 9.3—Creating To Do Items in Mail 00:02:11
    4. SHOW ME Media 9.4—Creating a Status Description 00:01:15
    5. SHOW ME Media 9.5—Sending a Text Message in iChat 00:01:19
    6. SHOW ME Media 9.6—Presenting an iPhoto Slideshow 00:01:53
    7. SHOW ME Media 9.7—Sharing Your Screen with Another Mac User 00:01:31
  10. Chapter 10: Using TextEdit
    1. SHOW ME Media 10.1—Using the Find Command 00:04:02
    2. SHOW ME Media 10.2—Setting Tabs 00:05:07
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 10.3—Using Paragraph Spacing 00:03:13
    4. SHOW ME Media 10.4a—Other Formatting Features: Creating Numbered Lists 00:01:23
    5. SHOW ME Media 10.4b—Other Formatting Features: Creating a Task 00:04:36
    6. SHOW ME Media 10.4c—Other Formatting Features: Creating Styles 00:01:52
    7. SHOW ME Media 10.4d—Other Formatting Features: Inserting Special Characters 00:05:51
  11. Chapter 11: Managing and Editing Your Photos
    1. SHOW ME Media 11.1—Selecting and Viewing Photos in a Slideshow 00:02:42
    2. SHOW ME Media 11.2—Assigning Ratings to Photos 00:02:06
    3. SHOW ME Media 11.3—Splitting and Merging Events 00:01:03
    4. SHOW ME Media 11.4—Viewing Faces and Making Corrections 00:02:53
    5. SHOW ME Media 11.5—Using Automatic and Manual Red-Eye Removal 00:02:15
    6. TELL ME MORE Media 11.6—Enhancing Photo Attributes 00:03:38
    7. SHOW ME Media 11.7—Retouching a Photo 00:02:07
    8. SHOW ME Media 11.8—Printing Customized Photos 00:02:05
  12. Chapter 12: Using Widgets and Other Applications
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 12.1—Exploring Default Widgets 00:04:45
    2. SHOW ME Media 12.2—Clipping a Widget from the Web 00:01:24
    3. SHOW ME Media 12.3—Saving or Deleting a Note 00:01:03
    4. SHOW ME Media 12.4—Saving Screen Captures on Sticky Notes 00:03:04
  13. Chapter 13: Keeping Your Mac Safe, Updated, and Backed Up
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 13.1—Using the Keychain 00:02:05
    2. TELL ME MORE Media 13.2—Understanding Certificates 00:03:08
    3. SHOW ME Media 13.3—Running Maintenance Routines 00:02:37
  14. Chapter 14: Watching Movies, Listening to Music, and Playing Games
    1. TELL ME MORE 14.1—Using the Genius 00:03:02
    2. SHOW ME Media 14.2—Importing Music 00:01:10
    3. SHOW ME Media 14.3—Downloading Cover Art 00:01:10
    4. SHOW ME Media 14.4—Playing Podcasts in Front Row 00:02:09
  15. Chapter 15: Being Creative with Photos
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 15.1—Using Special Effects 00:02:53
    2. SHOW ME Media 15.2—Creating a Calendar 00:04:53
    3. SHOW ME Media 15.3—Creating a Greeting Card 00:02:23
    4. SHOW ME Media 15.4—Using Comic Strip 00:02:58
  16. Chapter 16: Making Your Own Movies
    1. SHOW ME Media 16.1—Overview of iMovie Window 00:04:04
    2. SHOW ME Media 16.2—Importing Video from the Hard Drive 00:01:19
    3. SHOW ME Media 16.3—Inserting Titles 00:03:10
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 16.4—Keeping Projects Up to Date 00:01:39
  17. Chapter 17: Making Your Own Audio Recordings
    1. SHOW ME Media 17.1—Creating a Voice Project 00:02:18
    2. SHOW ME Media 17.2—Recording a Voice Track 00:02:44
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 17.3—Setting Effects 00:03:52
  18. Chapter 18: Making Your Own DVDs
    1. SHOW ME Media 18.1—Creating a New Project with Magic iDVD 00:04:41
    2. SHOW ME Media 18.2—Adding Graphics to a Button 00:01:17
    3. SHOW ME Media 18.3—Adding Files to the DVD ROM Section 00:02:24
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 18.4—Erasing a Disc 00:02:12
  19. Chapter 19: Creating a Website
    1. SHOW ME Media 19.1—Creating a Blog Page 00:05:02
    2. SHOW ME Media 19.2—Hyperlinking Pages in Your Website 00:01:33
    3. SHOW ME Media 19.3—Formatting Text 00:06:16
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 19.4—Using a Web Host for Your Domain 00:03:22