Creating Users

Creating users can be done in the Server application or using the Workgroup Manager application. When you create a user account, it can be stored in one of two places: in the local directory service (which is comprised of flat plist files stored in /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users) or in the Open Directory database (by default, Lion Server does not run a shared Open Directory database when installed). We’ll describe using Open Directory later in this chapter, but the important thing to consider is that if you create users in the Server application before promoting a server to an Open Directory Master, the users will be created in the local database and will not be shared between servers and client computers. If you create users in Server after upgrading to an Open Directory Master, the users will automatically be placed in the Open Directory database.

To create a new user, open the Server application from /Applications. Then, click on the Users entry under the ACCOUNTS section of the Server sidebar. Click on the plus sign (“+”) and then provide the following information in the supplied fields (Figure 2-11):

Full Name

The name of the user (e.g., Harry Seldon)

Account Name

The short name of the user (e.g., hseldon)

Email Address

The user’s email address (e.g., )


The password for the user (e.g., i<3daneel)


Enter the password for the user again (e.g., i<3daneel)

Figure 2-11. Creating user accounts

Click on the Done button when you have ...

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