Using Workgroup Manager

Workgroup Manager also provides more granular control over accounts and lets administrators configure managed preferences, which are policies that limit what various users can do on a system. When using Workgroup manager, user creation can still be performed from within the Server app. Here, we’re going to look at editing a user and simply adding a network home directory, then configuring that home directory as a portable home directory used to synchronize data in a user’s home folder to the server at login and logout.

Once the Server Admin tools have been installed and users have been created, open Workgroup Manager and click on a user (this process works on groups as well). Click on the user’s Home tab in the right half of the screen to see a list of home directory paths. Other than the entry for /Users, these are added by checking the “Make available for home directories” box from within each share’s settings, described further in Chapter 3. Click on a network share point for a user and then click on the Save button, as can be seen in Figure 2-21. Next, click on the Create Home Now button, which populates the directory selected with the username, and within that directory, populates a standard user profile from the default user template.

Network homes

Figure 2-21. Network homes

Next, configure the policy for the user to make the home directory synchronize when the user authenticates. ...

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