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Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Video Description

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010brings you over 70 media elements detailing everything from getting familiar with the PowerPoint interface and using the Powerpoint Web App to customizing themes and creating a video from a PowerPoint presentation. Watching this media is the fastest way to get comfortable with the newest version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Topics covered include using Backstage View, customizing theme color schemes, applying and customizing backgrounds, using WordArt, using the slide sorter view, working with tables, creating an effective presentation outline, understanding PowerPoint reviewing tools, using SmartArt tools, modifying and formatting charts, applying animation to objects, and much, much more!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Introducing PowerPoint 2010
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 1.1—Understanding What PowerPoint Can Do 00:02:23
    2. SHOW ME Media 1.2—Using the Ribbon Tabs 00:02:25
    3. SHOW ME Media 1.3—Using Backstage View 00:01:03
    4. SHOW ME Media 1.4—Understanding PowerPoint Views 00:02:08
  2. Chapter 2: Creating a Basic Presentation
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 2.1—Understanding PowerPoint Presentations 00:03:10
    2. SHOW ME Media 2.2—Creating a Presentation from a Template 00:03:14
    3. SHOW ME Media 2.3—Adding Sections to Your Presentation 00:02:01
    4. SHOW ME Media 2.4—Saving a Presentation 00:02:57
  3. Chapter 3: Customizing Themes and Backgrounds
    1. SHOW ME Media 3.1—Applying a New Theme 00:00:52
    2. TELL ME MORE Media 3.2—Customizing Themes 00:02:58
    3. SHOW ME Media 3.3—Customizing Theme Color Schemes 00:02:28
    4. SHOW ME Media 3.4—Applying and Customizing Backgrounds 00:01:41
  4. Chapter 4: Working with Text
    1. SHOW ME Media 4.1—Inserting a Text Box 00:01:45
    2. TELL ME MORE Media 4.2—Formatting Text 00:02:37
    3. POINT-COUNTERPOINT Media 4.3—Using Text and Bullets: Is Less Really More? 00:01:46
    4. SHOW ME Media 4.4—Using WordArt 00:02:37
    5. SHOW ME Media 4.5—Running a Spelling Check 00:01:45
  5. Chapter 5: Formatting and Organizing Objects, Slides, and Presentations
    1. SHOW ME Media 5.1—Pasting an Object 00:01:29
    2. SHOW ME Media 5.2—Using the Slide Sorter View 00:01:16
  6. Chapter 6: Working with Tables
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 6.1—Understanding Tables 00:01:45
    2. SHOW ME Media 6.2—Inserting a Table 00:01:53
    3. SHOW ME Media 6.3—Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet 00:00:58
    4. SHOW ME Media 6.4—Formatting a Table 00:02:46
  7. Chapter 7: Outlining Presentations
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 7.1—Creating an Effective Presentation Outline 00:01:34
    2. SHOW ME Media 7.2—Modifying Your Outline 00:01:12
    3. SHOW ME Media 7.3—Inserting an Outline from Another Application 00:01:05
  8. Chapter 8: Reviewing Presentations
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 8.1—Understanding PowerPoint Reviewing Tools 00:02:02
    2. SHOW ME Media 8.2—Working with Comments 00:01:43
    3. SHOW ME Media 8.3—Comparing Presentations 00:01:32
  9. Chapter 9: Working with Images
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 9.1—Understanding PowerPoint Images 00:02:24
    2. SHOW ME Media 9.2—Inserting Clip Art 00:01:37
    3. SHOW ME Media 9.3—Creating a Presentation from a Photo Album 00:02:20
    4. SHOW ME Media 9.4—Modifying Images 00:01:45
  10. Chapter 10: Working with Shapes
    1. SHOW ME Media 10.1—Inserting Shapes 00:01:29
    2. SHOW ME Media 10.2—Applying a Shape Quick Style 00:00:53
    3. SHOW ME Media 10.3—Applying Shape Effects 00:01:16
  11. Chapter 11: Working with SmartArt
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 11.1—Understanding SmartArt 00:01:51
    2. SHOW ME Media 11.2—Inserting a SmartArt Graphic 00:01:45
    3. SHOW ME Media 11.3—Using SmartArt Design Tools 00:01:53
    4. SHOW ME Media 11.4—Formatting SmartArt Graphics 00:01:40
  12. Chapter 12: Working with Charts
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 12.1—Understanding Charts 00:01:38
    2. SHOW ME Media 12.2—Inserting a Chart 00:01:22
    3. SHOW ME Media 12.3—Inserting a Chart from Excel 00:01:13
    4. SHOW ME Media 12.4—Modifying and Formatting Charts 00:01:42
  13. Chapter 13: Working with Audio and Video
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 13.1—Working with Audio and Video 00:02:34
    2. SHOW ME Media 13.2—Inserting a Video Clip from Your Computer 00:01:01
    3. SHOW ME Media 13.3—Formatting Audio and Video Clips 00:01:58
    4. SHOW ME Media 13.4—Creating a Video from a PowerPointPresentation 00:01:21
  14. Chapter 14: Working with Animation and Transitions
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 14.1—Understanding Animation and Transitions 00:01:50
    2. SHOW ME Media 14.2—Setting Slide Transitions 00:01:52
    3. SHOW ME Media 14.3—Applying Animation to Objects 00:01:15
  15. Chapter 15: Presenting a Slide Show
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 15.1—Preparing for a Polished Delivery 00:01:37
    2. SHOW ME Media 15.2—Setting Up a Show 00:01:29
    3. SHOW ME Media 15.3—Viewing Your Show 00:01:47
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 15.4—Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking 00:01:14
    5. TELL ME MORE Media 15.5—Managing the Backchannel During Your Presentation 00:02:25
    6. SHOW ME Media 15.6—Broadcasting a Slide Show 00:01:09
  16. Chapter 16: Creating and Printing Presentation Materials
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 16.1—Ensuring a Smooth Printing Process 00:01:42
    2. SHOW ME Media 16.2—Preparing to Print 00:02:11
  17. Chapter 17: Sharing and Collaborating on Presentations
    1. TELL ME MORE Media 17.1—Exploring Ways to Share and Collaborate in PowerPoint 2010 00:01:58
    2. SHOW ME Media 17.2—Protecting Your Presentation 00:01:31
    3. SHOW ME Media 17.3—Inspecting Your Presentation 00:01:41
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 17.4—Setting Ground Rules for Successful PowerPoint Collaboration 00:01:05
    5. SHOW ME Media 17.5—Saving to the Web 00:01:27
  18. Chapter 18: Working with Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
    1. SHOW ME Media 18.1—Inserting a Hyperlink to an External Website 00:00:47
    2. SHOW ME Media 18.2—Inserting a Hyperlink to Another Slide in Your Presentation 00:00:43
    3. SHOW ME Media 18.3—Using Action Settings 00:01:45
  19. Chapter 19: Customizing PowerPoint
    1. SHOW ME Media 19.1—Working with the Quick Access Toolbar 00:01:34
    2. SHOW ME Media 19.2—Customizing the Ribbon 00:01:46
    3. SHOW ME Media 19.3—Creating a Custom Layout 00:01:46
  20. Chapter 20: Accessing PowerPoint on the Web and Mobile Devices
    1. SHOW ME Media 20.1—Adding Files to SkyDrive 00:01:14
    2. SHOW ME Media 20.2—Creating a New Presentation in SkyDrive 00:01:02
    3. SHOW ME Media 20.3—Editing a Presentation in the PowerPoint Web App 00:01:52