Using Microsoft Project 2010

Video description

Using Microsoft Project 2010brings you over 45 media elements detailing everything from starting a project to dealing with problems. Watching this media is the fastest way to get comfortable with the newest version of Microsoft Project. Topics covered include scheduled tasks and team planner view, sharing the timeline, understanding the project views, group, sort, and filter, setting calendars and working times, working with resources, accounting for project costs, capturing project progress, sharing your project, customizing your project, and much, much more!

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2010
    1. Show Me Media 1.1—What Is Project 2010? 00:01:06
    2. Tell Me More Media 1.2—What Version of Project Is Right for Me? 00:02:46
    3. Show Me Media 1.3—Understanding Project Terminology 00:03:37
    4. Show Me Media 1.4—Introducing the Ribbon 00:01:30
    5. Show Me Media 1.5—A Look at Manually Scheduled Tasks 00:02:46
    6. Show Me Media 1.6—An Overview of the Team Planner View 00:02:38
    7. Show Me Media 1.7—Advantages of the Timeline 00:04:41
    8. Show Me Media 1.8—Adding a New Column 00:00:53
  2. Chapter 2: Navigating Project 2010
    1. Show Me Media 2.1—Sharing the Timeline 00:00:52
    2. Show Me Media 2.2—Understanding Project Views 00:02:46
    3. Tell Me More Media 2.3—Deciding Which View You Should Use 00:05:14
    4. Show Me Media 2.4—Group Data in a View 00:01:49
    5. Show Me Media 2.5—Sort Data in a View 00:01:32
    6. Show Me Media 2.6—Filter Data in a View 00:02:23
    7. Show Me Media 2.7—Highlight Data in a View 00:01:51
    8. Show Me Media 2.8—Display Two Views at Once 00:01:44
  3. Chapter 3: Starting a Project
    1. Tell Me More Media 3.1—Top-Down versus Bottom-Up Project Planning 00:03:05
    2. Show Me Media 3.2—Creating a New Project File 00:01:38
    3. Show Me Media 3.3—A Quick Look at Properties and Options 00:04:57
    4. Show Me Media 3.4—Setting Calendars and Working Times 00:06:34
  4. Chapter 4: Working with Tasks
    1. Show Me Media 4.1—Learn More About Task Types 00:04:37
    2. Show Me Media 4.2—Working with Tasks 00:02:44
    3. Show Me Media 4.3—Automatic Versus Manual Scheduling 00:04:18
    4. Tell Me More Media 4.4—Best Practices for Working with Manually Scheduled Tasks 00:02:20
  5. Chapter 5: Working with Resources
    1. Tell Me More Media 5.1—Making Sense of Cost Resources 00:03:05
    2. Show Me Media 5.2—Adding a Resource to Your Project 00:05:45
    3. Show Me Media 5.3—Understanding Resource Calendars 00:01:57
    4. Show Me Media 5.4—Splitting a Task 00:01:18
    5. Show Me Media 5.5—Using Usage Views to Edit Assignments 00:03:51
  6. Chapter 6: Accounting for Project Costs
    1. Show Me Media 6.1—Understand Types of Costs 00:04:59
    2. Show Me Media 6.2—Set Up a Budget in Project 2010 00:08:42
    3. Show Me Media 6.3—Evaluate Project Spending Versus Project Budget 00:03:06
  7. Chapter 7: Capturing Project Progress
    1. Show Me Media 7.1—Entering Actual Start, Percent Work Complete, and Remaining Work 00:02:25
    2. Show Me Media 7.2—Entering Actual Start, Actual Work, Remaining Work, and Finish Date 00:02:10
    3. Show Me Media 7.3—Entering Actual Work Per Day, Remaining Work, and Finish Date 00:02:14
    4. Show Me Media 7.4—Understanding the Critical Path 00:04:12
  8. Chapter 8: Sharing Your Project with Others
    1. Show Me Media 8.1—Sharing Your Project with Others 00:01:26
    2. Show Me Media 8.2—Collaborating on a Project 00:01:24
  9. Chapter 9: Customizing Project 2010
    1. Tell Me More Media 9.1—Benefits of Customizing Project 2010 00:02:42
    2. Show Me Media 9.2—Create a Custom Field 00:04:27
    3. Show Me Media 9.3—Use a Graphical Indicator 00:03:11
    4. Show Me Media 9.4—Create a New Table 00:02:35
    5. Show Me Media 9.5—Create a New View 00:03:27
  10. Chapter 10: Understanding Project Options
    1. Show Me Media 10.1—Customizing the Ribbon 00:03:23
    2. Show Me Media 10.2—Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 00:01:58
  11. Chapter 11: Dealing with Problems
    1. Tell Me More Media 11.1—Avoiding Future Problems by Using Project 2010 Now 00:02:18
    2. Show Me Media 11.2—Manually Leveling Resources 00:02:27

Product information

  • Title: Using Microsoft Project 2010
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2011
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780132378130