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Using Microsoft Windows 7

Video Description

Using Windows 7brings you over 30 video tutorials detailing everything from Taskbar features and Jump Lists to performance monitoring and administrative tools. Watching these videos is the fastest way to get comfortable with the newest features of Windows 7. Topics covered include personalization settings; NotePad, WordPad, and Paint; Windows Live and Windows Media Center; Internet Explorer; User Account Center; Networking and HomeGroups; Control Panel and Windows Update and much, much more!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Navigating Your Windows 7 Environment
    1. SHOW ME Media 1.1—Working with the New Taskbar Features 00:02:52
    2. SHOW ME Media 1.2—Working with Jump Lists 00:01:52
    3. SHOW ME Media 1.3—Utilizing Libraries 00:04:30
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 1.4—A Discussion of Windows 7 Navigation Features 00:03:57
  2. Chapter 2: Personalizing Your System
    1. SHOW ME Media 2.1—Display Configuration 00:02:23
    2. SHOW ME Media 2.2—Personalization Settings 00:02:53
    3. SHOW ME Media 2.3—Making Taskbar and Start Menu Changes 00:04:33
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 2.4—A Discussion About Personalizing Your System 00:03:25
  3. Chapter 3: Working with Onboard Applications
    1. SHOW ME Media 3.1—Notepad, WordPad, and Paint 00:06:40
    2. SHOW ME Media 3.2—Working with the Calculator 00:03:40
    3. SHOW ME Media 3.3—The Snipping Tool 00:03:07
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 3.4—A Discussion About the Onboard Applications in Windows 7 00:04:48
  4. Chapter 4: Windows Live Essentials
    1. SHOW ME Media 4.1—Windows Live Family Safety 00:05:05
    2. SHOW ME Media 4.2—A Look at Windows Live Mail 00:02:56
    3. SHOW ME Media 4.3—Using the Windows Live Photo Gallery 00:03:24
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 4.4—A Discussion of the New Enhancements Within These Various Applications 00:04:52
  5. Chapter 5: Viewing and Sharing Media
    1. SHOW ME Media 5.1—Using the Media Player 00:02:37
    2. SHOW ME Media 5.2—Using Media Center 00:02:17
    3. SHOW ME Media 5.3—Sharing Media 00:01:50
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 5.4—A Discussion with a Well-Known Media Center Guru About the Changes inWindows 7 00:03:42
  6. Chapter 6: Internet Explorer 8.0
    1. SHOW ME Media 6.1—A Tour of Internet Explorer 8.0 00:01:57
    2. SHOW ME Media 6.2—Accelerators and Web Slices 00:08:27
    3. SHOW ME Media 6.3—InPrivate Browsing and Filtering 00:03:28
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 6.4—A Discussion with Jack Blovits About Some of the New IE8 Features 00:03:47
  7. Chapter 7: Using Security Features in Windows 7
    1. SHOW ME Media 7.1—Using the UAC Slider 00:04:20
    2. SHOW ME Media 7.2—Working with the Action Center 00:03:39
    3. SHOW ME Media 7.3—BitLocker to Go 00:03:25
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 7.4—A Discussion of Security in Windows 7: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? 00:04:34
  8. Chapter 8: Networking with Windows 7
    1. SHOW ME Media 8.1—Working with HomeGroups 00:05:03
    2. SHOW ME Media 8.2—The Network and Sharing Center 00:02:13
    3. SHOW ME Media 8.3—Configure Your TCP/IP Settings 00:03:01
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 8.4—A Discussion on the Ease of Networking with Windows 7 00:04:48
  9. Chapter 9: Using Windows 7 on the Network
    1. SHOW ME Media 9.1—Joining a Domain 00:03:25
    2. SHOW ME Media 9.2—Using Local Group Policy Settings 00:05:46
    3. SHOW ME Media 9.3—Remote Desktop Connections 00:03:39
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 9.4—A Discussion of New Networking Features in Windows 7 00:07:15
  10. Chapter 10: Control Panel Features in Windows 7
    1. SHOW ME Media 10.1—Using the Control Panel 00:02:23
    2. SHOW ME Media 10.2—Credential Manager 00:01:32
    3. SHOW ME Media 10.3—Windows Update 00:02:25
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 10.4—A Discussion of Some of the New Control Panel Items in Windows 7 00:03:41
  11. Chapter 11: Managing and Monitoring Windows 7
    1. SHOW ME Media 11.1—The Reliability Monitor 00:03:15
    2. SHOW ME Media 11.2—Performance Monitor Data Collector Sets 00:04:10
    3. SHOW ME Media 11.3—Using the Task Manager 00:03:21
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 11.4—A Discussion of the New Monitoring Features in Windows 7 00:04:32
  12. Chapter 12: Working with Administrative Tools
    1. SHOW ME Media 12.1—A Review of Administrative Tools 00:03:11
    2. SHOW ME Media 12.2—Using the Event Viewer 00:07:32
    3. SHOW ME Media 12.3—Using Memory Diagnostics 00:02:24
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 12.4—A Discussion of Administrative Tools 00:03:34