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Using Spring and Angular for Web Application

Video Description

Using frontend and backend integration to create your messaging application

About This Video

  • Extensive and friendly guide to creating your own messaging application.
  • Covers the latest version of Web Application with fully up-to-date techniques and code examples.
  • Shows how to package and distribute your App

In Detail

This course teaches you how to use Angular and Spring to create a fully working messaging web application. The first sections of this course are about frontend technologies; here, you will learn advanced concept of Angular such as routing, observables, material design, and how to use it to create a messaging/notification component.

In the second section, we focus on the backend part; after completing it, you will know how to use Spring 5 to develop a Web Socket notification service. In the third section, we bring together the concepts of the previous two sections to create a messaging/notification application. The last section covers tools that will help you to publish and maintain your application in production.

Finally, you will also learn the new features of Angular 5. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to launch your own creations into the World.