Jonathan London: I would like to acknowledge the following people, who helped create this book:

  • Martin Lucas, my co-author (Martin note: Ditto)
  • Puja London Hall, my wife and better half
  • My entire family, who loves me and is always there
  • Karen Ann White, who is a constant hero and inspiration
  • Rashida Tewarson, who always helps to the best of her ability
  • My close friends, who have made an effort to remain so through thick and thin
  • Wendy Walker Cleary, who helps me understand
  • All professional sports teams, movie makers, and authors who distract and entertain me
  • The makers of anti-cholesterol and other modern medication who keep me healthy
  • My customers, who believe in my work, support me, and keep me afloat.
  • Jeff Olson, at Apress, ...

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