Chapter 2. ImageUltra Builder 153
8. Leave the screen shown in Figure 2-111 as is.
Figure 2-111 Boot disk builder - run ImageCenter from BOOT DISK
9. Click Next.
10.Select Add.
11.Select Enter Drive Information manually.
154 Using ThinkVantage Technologies: Volume 1 Creating and Deploying Client Systems
Figure 2-112 Add Network Drivers - Enter driver information manually
12.Select Next.
13.Add the VIN Number you recorded earlier. In our example it is:
14.Add the network adapter description.
Chapter 2. ImageUltra Builder 155
Figure 2-113 Add network drivers - Network Adapter ID and description
15.Click Next.
16.Locate the network Adapter Driver Files you downloaded and extracted.
17.Locate the DOS directory.
18.Select the correct com-file. In our example it is IPXODI.COM.
19.Click Open.
20.The driver is now added to the Add network driver screen.
156 Using ThinkVantage Technologies: Volume 1 Creating and Deploying Client Systems
Figure 2-114 Add network drivers -
21.Click Next.
22.Locate the Microsoft TCP/IP NDIS2DOS driver file. In our example it's a file
called E100B.DOS.
23.Click Finish and the network adapter is now added to list of available drivers.
Chapter 2. ImageUltra Builder 157
Figure 2-115 Boot Disk Builder - Select network adapter from list
24.Click Next
25.Leave default settings. We will now name the boot disk Capture Image
Create a Virtual Boot Diskette including the correct network
driver for your donor system
1. Open Boot Disk Builder
2. Select Microsoft TCP/IP Boot Disks
3. Enter server login information
4. Click Next

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