248 Using ThinkVantage Technologies: Volume 1 Creating and Deploying Client Systems
3.5.2 System Migration Assistant apply phase in batch mode
During the apply phase, SMABAT.EXE copies the contents of the profile onto the
target computer. An example of an apply command is:
SMABAT /a /n C:\sma_profiles\receptionists.sma
In this example, the selected profile is applied as is to the target computer without
any changes. It is also possible to edit a profile prior to applying it, as is shown in
the following example:
SMABAT /a C:\MyCommandFile\EntryLevelReceptionistCommandFile.txt
/n C:\sma_profiles\receptionists.sma
In this example, SMA applies the profile receptionists.sma after some changes
have been made as described in the command file
The command file that is used during the apply phase has the same syntax as
the file used during the capture phase, although some of the commands behave
differently. During the apply phase, you can only make changes to a given profile.
For instance, if your profile includes all desktop settings but you don’t want to
apply the active desktop to a given target computer, you can deselect that option
by typing active_desktop = 0 in the desktop settings section of the command
file. However, if your profile does not include printer settings, you cannot include
printer settings by entering printers = 1 in the miscellaneous settings section of
the command file. In order for deselection to be successful, you must know which
settings were stored in the profile.
Similarly, when the profile includes a selection of files, you can exclude some or
all, but you cannot select a file that is not included in the profile. In order for
deselection to be successful, you must know which files are in the profile, as this
information is not readily available in the original command file. Remember that
SMA processes file exclusion commands assuming the original location of files
and folders on the source computer prior to interpreting redirection statements.
During copying, when a file is relocated to a folder that already has a file with that
name, the base name of the to-be-relocated file will be appended with _01 if the
overwite_existing_files parameter in the command file is set to not
overwriting. For example, the file sample.txt will be renamed sample_01.txt.
Additional duplicate files will be given the addition _02, _03, and so forth.
During the apply phase, these commands exhibit special behavior:
򐂰 Exclude_Drives This command is ignored.

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