Chapter 6

Application Security

Information in this chapter:

• Introduction

• FortiGuard

• Introduction to FortiGuard

- The FortiGuard Portal and the Fortinet Blog

• FortiGuard Licensing

- Bundle Licensing

- Individual Licensing (per-feature or à la carte)

• Configuring FortiGuard on the FortiGate

- Concepts about FortiGuard Updates

- Configuring FortiGuard Updates

- Configuring Scheduled Updates

- Configuring Online Updates

• Doing UTM Analysis: Concepts

- UTM Inspection under the Hood

- UTM Profiles

• Troubleshooting the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) Connectivity

- Troubleshooting Configuration and Connectivity Issues

- Troubleshooting and Tuning Performance Issues

• Application Control

• Introduction

• The need of Application Control

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