UX Design for Emerging Technologies

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The future of UX design is to envision humanity's relationship to technology and each other — whether we're struggling with fear and loathing in reaction to genetically altered foods, the moral issues of changing a child's traits to suit a parent's preferences, the ethics guiding battlefield robots, or the societal implications of a 150-year extended lifetime. Now, more than ever, UX designers have the opportunity to help define the parameters of and sculpt the interactions between man and technology.Designers have only just begun to think about the implications of emerging technologies for the human condition. We must prepare for the transformation of our field of practice — moving from design as facilitation, shaping the interface and workflow, to design as the arbiter, driving the creation of the technology itself and applying our understanding of interaction, form, information, and artistry to new areas.To balance those asking, "How can this be done?" we must ask, "Why should we do this, to what end, and for whose benefit?" We must move from being passive receptors of new technology to active participants in its formation. As design thinkers and practitioners, we're called to serve as a bridge between technology and humanity, to be explorers and actively seek out new opportunities in areas that are not yet obvious. We're on the eve of some of the most significant technological changes to ever grace our world, and whether these changes serve everyone or just a few will be up to us.In this webcast, we'll take a look at the role of the UX designer, as new technologies begin to blur the boundaries between design and engineering for software, hardware, and biotech. We'll examine core competencies and case studies in practices areas like the Internet of Things, genomics, and robotics.

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  • Title: UX Design for Emerging Technologies
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  • Release date: April 2015
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