Appendix A

How Results-Based Are Your Projects and Programs?

Instructions: For each of the following statements, please circle the response that best matches the extent to which programs at your organization deliver business results. Select only one choice. Please be candid with your responses. All organizations deliver business results. These are impact measures of output (students graduated, jobs secured), quality (AIDS infections, homicides), time (prison time, response time), and costs (healthcare costs, disability payments).

  1. The direction of our programs:
    1. Shifts with requests, problems, and changes as they occur.
    2. Is determined by top executives and leaders and adjusted as needed.
    3. Is based on a mission and a strategic plan for the organization or the community.
  2. The primary rationale for our programs is:
    1. To respond to requests by managers and community leaders to deliver programs and services.
    2. To help management and community leaders react to crisis situations and reach solutions through programs and services.
    3. To implement many programs in collaboration with clients and leaders to prevent problems and crisis situations.
  3. The goals of our programs are:
    1. Set by the program teams based on perceived demand for programs.
    2. Developed consistent with the organization’s plans and goals.
    3. Developed to integrate with operating goals and strategic plans of the organization or the community.
  4. Most new programs are initiated:
    1. By request of top leaders and administrators.
    2. When a program ...

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