Praise for Value for Money


“There are very few constants in healthcare. Two of them – the push for greater quality and productivity – are comprehensively addressed by the authors. And in so doing, the direct connection between resource investment – time and money – and the return on those investments is concisely and profoundly made.”

Ross Mitchell Vice President, External and Government Affairs Brookwood Baptist Health

Value for Money is a must read, must have for every leader at every level who wants to understand the science of showing value in their organization. The insights, learning, and practical impact of the examples provided throughout the book are timeless and will shape our understanding of ROI for decades to come. If you want to know about the monetary impact of your program, follow the principles outlined in Value for Money.”

Dr. Brad Shuck Associate Professor University of Louisville

“This book is a roadmap for all types of businesses, no matter whether profit or nonprofit, to find their way to true success. I personally have experienced the incredible impact ROI Institute makes of optimizing expendable resources to have the needed outcomes with greater impact. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to be successful and dynamic in their work and life.”

CH (BG) Charles R. Bailey, Ret. Deputy General Secretary General Board of Higher Education and Ministry The United Methodist Church

“The publication of this book comes at a critical moment. Being in a position ...

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