First, we want to acknowledge and applaud the great work of our clients whom we have served over the 25 years since ROI Institute was founded. We moved into a variety of new countries, cultures, organizations, and functional areas, not because it was part of our business development strategy, but because several innovative and forward-thinking executives from these different areas could see the potential of this methodology to show the value for money in their situations. They asked for this and were patient with us as we experimented, made adjustments, and made it successful for them. To those client groups we give tremendous credit for this book.

We also want to thank all of the ROI Institute team members, our collection of international partners (spanning 70 countries), and our associates across the United States. We learn a lot from them and, in many cases, they have brought us into new environments, cultures, countries, and opportunities to apply this methodology.

We also want to thank the ROI Institute staff. While our staff is busy organizing consulting activities, teaching assignments, speaking engagements, and research efforts, they all realize that the business thrives and builds on the books that ROI Institute authors write. As we often say, we would not have a business without our books, but books are not our business. This is a major book for us, and we thank all the staff who helped us make it better. We particularly want to thank Kylie McLeod, ...

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