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Value Innovation Portfolio Management

Book Description

The quest for successful products — and a simple, predictable way to determine in advance which products will be successful — is a core concern of all companies. Most firms use financial projections to select the best portfolio of products in which to invest their limited human and capital resources and are frustrated repeatedly by under-forecast sales, lower than expected margins, and outright failures of new products.

Value Innovation Portfolio Management addresses this core concern by showing you a more reliable decision-making method based on high customer value, tight business strategy alignment, and optimal investment intensity. These inputs will enable your company to invest more wisely and create more successful new products. Best-in-class companies like Motorola, DuPont, and Hewlett-Packard have used customer value in crafting winning portfolios. Supported by various case studies and examples, the authors demonstrate the significantly improved results that can be achieved from using customer value as the business driver for creating a portfolio of products.

Value Innovation Portfolio Management is a must read for senior executives and anyone involved in strategic planning, portfolio management, product development, sales and marketing, and R&D. Senior executives will discover a path to achieving double-digit growth, greater market share and improved shareholder value. The managers and teams involved directly in the product development process will learn how to create a robust and thorough product definition process aligned with the portfolio management of the enterprise.