MkDir Procedure




path (required; String)

The name of the folder to be created


Creates a new folder

Rules at a Glance

  • If you omit the drive from path, a new folder will be created on the current drive.

  • You can specify the drive by using either its local drive letter or its UNC name.

  • path can either be a fully qualified path (i.e., a path from the drive’s root directory to the directory to be created) or a relative path (i.e., a path from the current directory).

  • If the directory to be created by the MkDir procedure already exists, an IOException exception is raised.

Programming Tips and Gotchas

  • If your program is running on Windows NT, ensure that the logged-in user has the right to create a folder on the specified drive prior to calling the MkDir procedure.

  • VB does not automatically make the new folder the current folder after a call to MkDir. You will need to call the ChDir procedure to do this.

  • To remove a folder, use the RmDir procedure.

  • Use CurDir to determine the current drive.

See Also

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