Atan2 Function




Math.Atan2(y, x)
x (required; Double)

The x coordinate of a point

y (required; Double)

The y coordinate of a point

Return Value

A Double that is the arctangent of the ratio x/y, in radians


Returns the angle in the Cartesian plane formed by the x-axis and a vector starting from the origin (0,0) and terminating at the point (x, y). More specifically, the return value q satisfies the following:

  • For (x, y) in quadrant 1, 0 < q < pi/2.

  • For (x, y) in quadrant 2, pi /2 < q < pi.

  • For ( x, y) in quadrant 3, -pi < q < -pi /2.

  • For ( x, y) in quadrant 4, -pi /2 < q < 0.

Rules at a Glance

This is a Shared member, so it can be used without creating any objects.

VB.NET/VB 6 Differences

The Atan2 function does not exist in VB 6.

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