Str Function




number (required; Numeric)

Any valid numeric expression or expression capable of conversion to a number

Return Value

A String representation of number


Converts number from a numeric to a string

Rules at a Glance

  • If number cannot be converted to a string, an InvalidCastException error occurs. To prevent this, you can check the value of number by passing it to the IsNumeric function before calling Str.

  • If number is not a numeric value or is not capable of conversion to a number (so that it can in turn be converted to a string), an InvalidCastException exception occurs.

  • If the return value is positive, the Str function always includes a leading space in the returned string for the sign of number.

Programming Tips and Gotchas

  • Use the LTrim function to remove the leading space that the Str function adds to the start of the returned string.

  • Both the CStr and Format functions have now superceded the Str function. The CStr function does not add a leading space for the sign of a positive number. Both the CStr and the Format functions are internationally aware, able to recognize decimal delimiters other than the period (.).

See Also

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