Chapter 3: Configuring ESX/ESXi Storage

VCP (VCP-410) Exam Objectives Covered in This Chapter:

  • Configure FC SAN Storage.
    • Identify FC SAN hardware components.
    • Identify how ESX Server connections are made to FC SAN storage.
    • Describe ESX Server FC SAN storage addressing.
    • Describe the concepts of zoning and LUN masking.
    • Configure LUN masking.
    • Scan for new LUNs.
    • Determine and configure the appropriate multi-pathing policy.
    • Differentiate between NMP and third-party MPP.
  • Configure iSCSI SAN Storage.
    • Identify iSCSI SAN hardware components.
    • Determine use cases for hardware vs. software iSCSI initiators.
    • Configure the iSCSI Software Initiator.
    • Configure Dynamic/Static Discovery.
    • Configure CHAP Authentication.
    • Configure VMkernel port binding for iSCSI ...

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