Chapter 5: Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines and vApps

VCP (VCP-410) Exam Objectives Covered in This Chapter:

  • Create and Deploy Virtual Machines.
    • Understand virtual machine hardware maximums.
    • Create a virtual machine.
    • Determine appropriate SCSI adapter.
    • Determine Virtual Disk type.
    • Install/Upgrade/Configure VMware Tools.
    • Create/Convert templates.
    • Customize Windows/Linux virtual machines.
    • Manage Customization Specifications.
    • Deploy a virtual machine from a template.
    • Deploy a virtual machine using VMware vCenter Converter Enterprise.
    • Perform a Hot Clone.
    • Perform a Cold Clone.
    • Perform System Reconfiguration.
    • Deploy a virtual machine using Guided Consolidation.
    • Perform Discovery.
    • Analyze discovered virtual machines.
    • Consolidate selected ...

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