Chapter 8

Establish Service Levels with Cluster, Fault Tolerance, and Resource Pools

VCP5 Exam Objectives Covered in This Chapter:

  • Creating and Configuring VMware Clusters
    • Determine appropriate failover methodology and required resources for an HA implementation
    • Describe DRS virtual machine entitlement
    • Create/Delete a DRS/HA Cluster
    • Add/Remove ESXi Hosts from a DRS/HA Cluster
    • Add/Remove virtual machines from a DRS/HA Cluster
    • Enable/Disable Host Monitoring
    • Configure admission control for HA and virtual machines
    • Enable/Configure/Disable virtual machine and application monitoring
    • Configure automation levels for DRS and virtual machines
    • Configure migration thresholds for DRS and virtual machines
    • Create VM-Host and VM-VM affinity rules
    • Configure ...

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