Table of Exercises

Exercise 2.1 Deploying the vCenter Server Appliance
Exercise 2.2 Installing vCenter Server into a Virtual Machine
Exercise 2.3 Installing the vSphere Client
Exercise 2.4 Installing the vSphere Web Client (Server)
Exercise 2.5 Installing the VMware Syslog Collector on vCenter Server
Exercise 2.6 Installing VMware Auto Deploy
Exercise 2.7 Adding License Keys to vCenter in Evaluation Mode
Exercise 2.8 Performing an Interactive Installation of ESXi 5
Exercise 2.9 Deploying an ESXi Host Using Auto Deploy
Exercise 2.10 Configuring NTP on an ESXi Host
Exercise 2.11 Configuring DNS and Routing Using the vSphere Client
Exercise 2.12 Configuring DNS and Routing from the ESXi DCUI
Exercise 2.13 Enabling/Configuring/Disabling ...

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