Velocity 2016 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Velocity 2016 Amsterdam featured 73 prominent experts working at companies like SOASTA, Docker, CoScale, GitLab, AppDynamics, Fastly, LeaseWeb, Pivotal, Travis CI, Bekk Consulting, Acrolinx, Plumbr, and more to speak on all things related to building websites, apps, and services that are fast, scalable, resilient, and highly available. The conference was organized into four major themes: metrics and monitoring (topics included the Elastic stack, Kubernetes/Prometheus, and AMP); organizational infrastructure (how to onboard at scale, the Nudge theory for improving team performance, Yahoo’s use of DevOPs to launch products at 1 billion user scale, etc.); UX performance improvement (a walk-through of PWA technologies, the rewards and challenges of Push, a deep dive into image and type optimization, etc.); and strategies for reimagining DevOps, security, and infrastructure (sessions on moving from MySQL to Aurora at AWS, new techniques for defending against bots, the story of how Komfo achieved 60X faster tests, the future of serverless software architecture, best practices for MySQL HA, and more). This video compilation covers it all. It’s time to learn!

  • Get complete coverage of all 60 sessions, 8 tutorials, and 7 keynotes: 50+ hours of material
  • 73 top speakers such as Lorna Mitchell (IBM), Sarah Wells (Financial Times), and Rekha Joshi (Intuit)
  • Tutorials on PWA technologies, BPF tracing/monitoring, Docker/microservices security, and more
  • Hear Dyn’s Phil Stanhope describe the DDoS attack on Dyn and the efforts to repel the attack
  • Learn from Mandi Walls (Chef) on InSpec security and Kazuho Oku (DeNA) on maximizing HTTP/2
  • Discover how Sky Betting & Gaming handles the insanity of Grand National sports betting
  • Watch Rick Fast (Expedia) on building resilient, dynamic, and reliable microservices infrastructures
  • Learn from Yoav Weiss (Akami) on the new techniques for producing faster loading web pages
  • Hear Kristian Skoeld (SOASTA) on how to combine microservice-based development with DevOps
  • Get 14 metrics/monitoring sessions; 15 on organizational infrastructure; and 9 on UX performance
  • Get 18 intense, info-rich sessions on topics related to reimaging DevOps, security, and infrastructure

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Table of contents

  1. Velocity Amsterdam Keynotes
    1. Come with me if you want to live: On teams, rock stars, and becoming extraordinary - Astrid Atkinson (Google)
    2. Work as imagined and work as done: Mind the gap - Steven Shorrock (EUROCONTROL)
    3. The Web Performance Working Group and you - Yoav Weiss (Akamai)
    4. Keynote - James Duncan (Independent)
    5. Why you should build a progressive web app now - Jason Grigsby (Cloud Four)
    6. Leading for speed: The case for ARTful leadership - Eric McNulty (
    7. The world will see (and just saw) an Internet zombie apocalypse - Phil Stanhope (Dyn)
  2. Metrics/monitoring
    1. Metrics, gauges, counters, and ratios: Designing and implementing quality metrics - Caskey Dickson (Microsoft)
    2. From ELK to the Elastic stack: Modern logging and monitoring - Tudor Golubenco (Elastic)
    3. Elasticsearch for logs and metrics: A deep dive - Radu Gheorghe (Sematext Group) and Rafał Kuć (Sematext Group)
    4. Anomaly detection: A hateful lovestory - Pieter Buteneers (CoScale)
    5. Kubernetes and Prometheus: The beginning of a beautiful friendship - Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud)
    6. The next Linux superpower: An eBPF primer - Sasha Goldshtein (Sela Group)
    7. How humans see data - John Rauser (Snapchat)
    8. Data, data, everywhere, not an insight to take action upon - Arun Kejariwal (Machine Zone)
    9. Death by a thousand paper cuts - Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski (Plumbr)
    10. AMP: Does it really make your site faster? - Nic Jansma (SOASTA) and Nigel Heron (SOASTA)
    11. Metrics of joy - Steve Souders (SpeedCurve)
    12. Staring into the eBPF abyss - Sasha Goldshtein (Sela Group)
    13. Measuring real-user performance in the browser - Nic Jansma (SOASTA) - Part 1
    14. Measuring real-user performance in the browser - Nic Jansma (SOASTA) - Part 2
  3. Organizational infrastructure
    1. Dousing the fires of occupational burnout - Avleen Vig (Etsy)
    2. Switching gears without stalling: A new developer’s personal journey - Arianna Aondio (Varnish Software Group)
    3. Surviving the Grand National - Kevin Bowman (Sky Betting Gaming)
    4. Onboarding at scale: An engineering problem - Tomer Gabel (Wix)
    5. Distributed ops for distributed apps - George Sudarkoff (SurveyMonkey)
    6. Nudge theory: Influencing empowered teams to do the things that matter to you - Sarah Wells (Financial Times)
    7. The Anarchist Cookbook: DevOps and Agile recipes for blowing up the waterfall - Arnoud Vermeer (Leaseweb)
    8. People as technology, technology as people - Marta Paciorkowska (Acrolinx GmbH)
    9. Launching products at massive scale: The DevOps way - Kishore Jalleda (Yahoo) and Gopal Mor (Yahoo)
    10. DevOps: Nothing stays the same - Michael Maibaum (Sky Betting Gaming)
    11. Deployment within a traditional IT environment - Rob Allen (Nineteen Feet Limited)
    12. Choose your own coach - Lotta Croiset van Uchelen (Schuberg Philis)
    13. Big fish, little fish, cardboard box: A tale of acquisition, adjustment, and acceptance - Paula Kennedy (Pivotal)
    14. Building and scaling a distributed and inclusive team - Mathias Meyer (Travis CI)
  4. Reimaging DevOps, security, and infrastructure
    1. The mathematics of reliability - Avishai Ish-Shalom (Wix)
    2. How to break apart a monolithic system safely without destroying your team - Matthew Skelton (Skelton Thatcher Consulting)
    3. Need for speed: Accelerate automation tests from three hours to three minutes - Emanuil Slavov (Komfo Inc.)
    4. Own your reliability - Adam Surák (Algolia)
    5. Reorganizing website architecture for HTTP/2 and beyond - Kazuho Oku (DeNA)
    6. When a bigger boat is not an option: The path to Aurora - Mario Kostelac (Intercom)
    7. Serverless: The future of software architecture - Peter Sbarski (A Cloud Guru)
    8. Programming the IoT by taking the cloud to the edge - Amir Chaudhry (Docker, Inc.)
    9. Who owns open source security? - Guy Podjarny (Snyk)
    10. Building security into your workflow with InSpec - Mandi Walls (Chef)
    11. The math of microscaling - Liz Rice (Microscaling Systems)
    12. Continuous security - Stein Inge Morisbak (Bekk Consulting AS) and Erlend Oftedal (Blank Oslo)
    13. Design patterns for Git - Lorna Mitchell (IBM)
    14. Performance and security: A tale of two cities - Rekha Joshi (Intuit)
    15. Docker and microservices security - Adrian Mouat (Container Solutions) - Part 1
    16. Docker and microservices security - Adrian Mouat (Container Solutions) - Part 2
    17. Best practices for MySQL high availability in 2016 - Colin Charles (Percona)
    18. Ops-friendly microservices: Front to back - Rick Fast (Expedia Inc.) - Part 1
    19. Ops-friendly microservices: Front to back - Rick Fast (Expedia Inc.) - Part 2
  5. Sponsored
    1. Discover how Adidas is using data science to deliver third-party governance - Kristian Skoeld (SOASTA)
  6. UX performance
    1. On preloads and preloaders - Yoav Weiss (Akamai)
    2. Psychology of performance; or, Why performance matters - Denys Mishunov (Digital Garden AS)
    3. Help! My client is a #WebPerf meetup. - Adam Onishi (Financial Times)
    4. Optimizing images and type on the Web - Lara Hogan (Etsy)
    5. Building an appier web - Andy Davies (NCC Group)
    6. The promise of Push - Colin Bendell (Akamai)
    7. Experiences with HTTP/2 in the real world - Michael Gooding (Akamai Technologies) and Javier Garza (Akamai Technologies)
    8. Progressive web apps for a faster experience - Maximiliano Firtman (ITMaster Professional Training) - Part 1
    9. Progressive web apps for a faster experience - Maximiliano Firtman (ITMaster Professional Training) - Part 2
    10. High-performance images: Choose your own adventure - Colin Bendell (Akamai)

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