Velocity Conference 2017 - London, UK

Video description

Velocity London 2017 gathered the planet's best systems engineers, operations and site reliability engineers, systems architects, application developers, and performance engineers to discuss systems engineering, operations, and performance. Clocking in at 50+ hours, this video compilation contains a complete recording of each of the conference's keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions. With keynotes like Kolton Andrus' (Gremlin) exploration of chaos engineering and Tyler McMullen's (Fastly) dissection of edge computing; tutorials on HTTP/2 development, Go performance analysis, and SRE; technical sessions on the Universal Scalability Law, Strymon performance analysis, and multiregion remote configuration using Consul; multiple sessions on leadership, DevOps, resilience engineering, and serverless; and a speaker list representing the top tech talent at Google, Akamai, NS1, Datadog, PubNub, Bitnami, BBC, and more, this video of Velocity London 2017 is a phenomenal knowledge booster for anyone tasked with building and maintaining complex distributed systems.

  • Learn from 77 of the world's top SREs, systems architects, engineers, CTOs, and CIOs
  • Hear Sara-Jane Dunn (Microsoft Research) unveil biological computation, a new paradigm for computing where information-processing is carried out by cells
  • Listen to Catherine Mulligan (Imperial College London) demystify blockchain and its implications for the future of distributed computing
  • Watch Angie Jones (Twitter) lay out the best ways to create stable and credible continuous integration tests
  • Take in Kavya Joshi's (Samsara) exploration of the fascinating timekeeping mechanisms (e.g., atomic clocks, NTP, hybrid logical clocks) used in real time systems
  • Learn from Christopher Meiklejohn (Instituto Superior Técnico) about Martinelli, a new programming language that allows fault tolerant, highly scalable operations of applications
  • See Janna Brummel (ING Netherlands) describe the process of setting up SRE for a highly regulated global financial institution
  • Watch sessions on networking, traffic, and edge management; distributed data and databases, orchestration, scheduling, and containers; hardware, storage, datacenters, and capacity planning; monitoring, tracing and metrics; and much more

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Biological computation - Sara-Jane Dunn (Microsoft Research)
    2. Cloud native: Security threat or opportunity? - Liz Rice (Aqua Security)
    3. Why an (interactive) picture is worth a thousand numbers - Miriah Meyer (University of Utah)
    4. Scaling a startup with a 21st century language - Christopher Meiklejohn (Instituto Superior Técnico)
    5. Blockchain and the future of distributed computing - Catherine Mulligan (Imperial College)
    6. The evolution of chaos - Kolton Andrus (Gremlin Inc.)
    7. FPGA-accelerated data analytics (sponsored by Intel) - Mike Strickland (Intel Corporation)
    8. T-minus 3, 2, 1: Future-proofing production systems - Kavya Joshi (Samsara)
    9. Edge compute: The missing pieces - Tyler McMullen (Fastly)
    10. Informed intentions meet Tech for Good - Laura Hackney (AnnieCannons)
  2. Technical Leadership
    1. Changing Diversity Constructs, My Journey As A Woman In DevOps - Soo Choi (DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA))
    2. A postmortem of postmortems: Trends and behaviors across organizations - Eric Sigler (PagerDuty)
    3. Humane teams at home and around the world - Daniel Young (EngineerBetter), Emma Jane Hogbin Westby (UN-OCHA)
    4. The last three conversations - Mindaugas Mozūras (Vinted)
    5. The story of a startup built to disrupt an enterprise from the inside out - Chris Jackson (Pearson)
  3. Serverless
    1. Building and running serverless data pipelines on AWS - Mike Roberts (Symphonia)
    2. Going serverless with GraphQL - Steven Faulkner (Bustle)
    3. Serverless security: What's left to protect? - Guy Podjarny (Snyk)
    4. Confusion in the land of the serverless - Sam Newman (Independent)
    5. Lessons learned building serverless distributed systems - Raj Rohit (Episource)
  4. Distributed Systems
    1. Keeping time in real systems - Kavya Joshi (Samsara)
    2. Distributed systems: What can go wrong will go wrong - Anne Currie (Microscaling Systems)
    3. What we talk about when we talk about distributed systems - Alvaro Videla (Migros)
  5. Distributed Data and Databases
    1. Emergent distributed architectures: Microservices and data pipelines - Peter Bourgon (Fastly), Sean Braithwaite (Independent)
    2. Surviving failure in RabbitMQ - Lorna Mitchell (IBM)
    3. Capacity planning for your data stores - Colin Charles (Percona)
    4. The computer science behind a modern distributed data store - Max Neunhöffer (ArangoDB)
    5. Real-world consistency explained - Uwe Friedrichsen (codecentric AG)
  6. Resilience engineering
    1. The path to resilience - Sam Boyer (VividCortex)
    2. The build that cried broken: Building trust in your continuous integration tests - Angie Jones (Twitter)
  7. Hardware, Storage, Datacenters, and Capacity Planning
    1. Online performance analysis of distributed dataflow systems - Vasia Kalavri (ETH Zurich)
    2. Continuous performance engineering: Moving fast without breaking things - Thomas Barns (Capacitas), John Pillar (Arcadia Group)
    3. Scale CI from 20K to 140K builds per day - Alexander Akbashev (HERE Technologies)
  8. Monitoring, Tracing and Metrics
    1. Monitoring containers: Follow the data - Jason Yee (Datadog)
  9. Networking, Traffic, and Edge Management
    1. And now for something Vary different - Andrew Betts (Fastly)
    2. DDoS war games: Strengthen your team and systems by attacking them - Shannon Weyrick (NS1)
    3. Make load balancing great again - Emile Vauge (Containous)
    4. Building next-gen edge architecture at Expedia - Rick Fast (Expedia)
  10. Orchestration, Scheduling, and Containers
    1. How secure are Docker containers? - Ben Hall (Katacoda | Ocelot Uproar)
    2. Watch out! The nanoservices are comIng. - Matthew Clark (BBC)
    3. Your (container) secret's safe with me. - Liz Rice (Aqua Security)
    4. Consumer-driven contract testing with Pact and Docker - Harry Winser (Rightmove)
  11. DevOps Tools
    1. The monorepo: Storing your source code has never been so much fun - Gareth Rushgrove (Puppet Labs)
    2. Machine learning in ops: Do I need it? - Hannah Foxwell (Server Density)
  12. Tutorials
    1. Go performance analysis in action - Francesc Campoy Flores (Google) - Part 1
    2. Go performance analysis in action - Francesc Campoy Flores (Google) - Part 2
    3. Hands on with Chef's Habitat - Mandi Walls (Chef) - Part 1
    4. Hands on with Chef's Habitat - Mandi Walls (Chef) - Part 2
    5. SRE classroom: A hands-on tutorial - Salim Virji (Google) - Part 1
    6. SRE classroom: A hands-on tutorial - Salim Virji (Google) - Part 2
    7. HTTP/2 development: A hands-on approach - Frederik Deweerdt (Fastly) - Part 1
    8. HTTP/2 development: A hands-on approach - Frederik Deweerdt (Fastly) - Part 2
    9. Best practices for MySQL high availability - Colin Charles (Percona) - Part 1
    10. Best practices for MySQL high availability - Colin Charles (Percona) - Part 2
    11. Consul as a monitoring service - Seth Vargo (HashiCorp) - Part 1
    12. Consul as a monitoring service - Seth Vargo (HashiCorp) - Part 2
  13. Multiple Topics
    1. A tour of sketching data structures for stream processing - Kiran Bhattaram (Stripe)
    2. Indispensable, disposable Jenkins - Mandy Hubbard ( HomePay)
    3. The great migration - Sean O'Connor (Bitly)
    4. Can we make developers care about operations? - Jurgen Cito (University of Zurich)
    5. Seeing what’s wrong just right - Jasvir Nagra (Instart Logic), Marianna Bezler (Instart Logic)
    6. You had one job! Learning to cope with failures in a complex distributed system - Ed Hiley (NHS Digital), Dan Rathbone (Infinity Works)
    7. How to make a lion bulletproof: Setting up site reliability engineering (SRE) in a global financial organization - Janna Brummel (ING Netherlands), Robin van Zijll (ING Netherlands)
    8. Quantifying scalability with the Universal Scalability Law - Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)
    9. Practical, team-focused operability techniques for distributed systems - Matthew Skelton (Skelton Thatcher Consulting)
    10. Failover early: When to failover at your CDN - Manuel Alvarez (Akamai Technologies)
    11. The key to high performance: What the data says - Nicole Forsgren (DORA), Nigel Kersten (Puppet)
    12. Increasing visibility of distributed systems in production - Pierre Vincent (Poppulo)
    13. Scaling up your monitoring - Kamil Smuga (Salesforce), Mihai Bojin (Salesforce)
    14. Building distributed systems is accessible. I promise. - Jamie Winsor (Chef Software)
    15. Want to solve overmonitoring and alert fatigue? Create the right incentives - Kishore Jalleda (Yahoo)
    16. Slaying the dragon: How to rewrite a monolith into microservices and stay alive - Dalia Simons (Wix)

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