Velocity Conference Amsterdam 2015: Complete Video Compilation

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Learn from technology leaders who are defining the modern, IT-driven business

If you need to create sites, apps, and services that are fast, scalable, resilient, and highly available then check out this complete video compilation of O’Reilly’s Velocity 2015 Conference in Amsterdam. You’ll be front-row center for every keynote, tutorial, and workshop focusing on core issues and opportunities specific to the European web community and the world at large.

With these videos, you'll discover the technical skills, tools, and best practices you need to succeed in continuous delivery, resilience engineering, performance optimization, and more. When it comes to keeping your skills current, there’s no resource like Velocity.

Topics include:

  • DevOps in the enterprise
  • Instrumentation, monitoring, and automation
  • Responsive design
  • Continuous delivery
  • Microservices
  • Cloud administration
  • JavaScript performance
  • SOA architectures
  • Containerization / deployment
  • End-to-end optimization: organizational, user, network, database, and middleware
  • Incident management
  • Faster networks
  • Managing risk and complexity

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Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. The Physical Web is a Speed Issue - Scott Jenson (Google)
    2. Continuous Performance - Stijn Polfliet (CoScale)
    3. Stranger Danger: Tracking Vulnerabilities in Your Third Party Code - Guy Podjarny (Snyk) Assaf Hefetzz (Snyk)
    4. From RUM to Robot Crawl Experience - Klaus Enzenhofer (Dynatrace)
    5. Performance voice in your head - Steve Souders (SpeedCurve) Mark Zeman (SpeedCurve)
    6. Seeing the Invisible: Discovering Operations Expertise - John Allspaw (Etsy)
    7. A PaaS for Government - Anna Shipman (Government Digital Service)
    8. Designing for Security Outcomes - Eleanor Saitta (
    9. A Day in the Life - An Immersive Data Experience - David Boloker (IBM Corporation)
    10. Thinking about Thinking (About People) - Courtney W. Nash (O'Reilly Media)
    11. Genesis: Terraforming a New Home for Firefox Crash Reporter - JP Schneider (Mozilla) Daniel Maher (Mozilla)
    12. Can Monitoring Tools Pass the Turing Test - Alois Reitbauer (
    13. Ensuring a High Performing Web for the Next Billion People - Bruce Lawson (Opera ASA)
    14. WebPageTest using real mobile networks - Steve Souders (SpeedCurve)
  2. Containers
    1. Docker Tutorial, Part 1 - John Willis (Docker)
    2. Docker Tutorial, Part 2 - John Willis (Docker)
  3. Metrics Monitoring Sessions
    1. Service instrumentation, monitoring, and alerting with Prometheus, Part 1 - Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud), Julius Volz (SoundCloud)
    2. Service instrumentation, monitoring, and alerting with Prometheus, Part 2 - Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud), Julius Volz (SoundCloud)
    3. Probabilistically sampling a stream of events with a sketch - Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)
    4. Alert overload: How to adopt a microservices architecture without being overwhelmed with noise - Sarah Wells (Financial Times)
    5. The definition of normal - an intro and guide to anomaly detection - Alois Reitbauer (
    6. Show me the metrics: OpenTSDB and OpenTSP at Betfair - James Brooks (Betfair)
    7. Finding bad apples early: Minimizing performance impact - Arun Kejariwal (Machine Zone)
  4. Operations
    1. Statistics for engineers - Heinrich Hartmann (Circonus)
    2. An introduction to testing infrastructure - Gareth Rushgrove (Puppet Labs)
    3. Linux containers from scratch: Makefile MicroVPS - Joshua Hoffman (Indepedent)
    4. Agile security: An introduction for developers - Michael Brunton-Spall (Government Digital Service)
    5. Mobile continuous delivery - with a DevOps mindset - Patrick Debois (Smalltownheroes)
    6. ChatOps with Hubot - Lorna Mitchell (LornaJane)
    7. Beyond ad-hoc automation: Leveraging structured platforms - Bridget Kromhout (Pivotal)
    8. Orchestrating all the things! - Tanay Nagjee (Electric Cloud), Anders Wallgren (Electric Cloud)
    9. Building and managing microservice-based architectures with Docker and Kubernetes - Mandy Waite (Google)
  5. Performance
    1. Building real-time metrics pipelines - Samantha Quiñones (AOL)
    2. High performance images: Beautiful shouldn't mean slow - Guy Podjarny (Snyk)
    3. Forensic tools for in-depth performance investigation - Philip Tellis (SOASTA), Nic Jansma (SOASTA)
    4. Extreme web performance for mobile devices - Maximiliano Firtman (ITMaster Professional Training)
    5. Calibrating performance metrics - Hossein Lotfi (Google)
    6. CSS performance tuning - Jakub Pawlowicz (Independent Consultant)
    7. Measuring CDN performance and why you're doing it wrong - Hooman Beheshti (Fastly)
    8. Bigger, faster, and more engaging while on a budget - Nathan Bower (Zillow)
    9. Demystifying SPDY and HTTP/2 - Jonathan Klein (Attend)
  6. Sponsored
    1. Cloud scale predictive DevOps automation using Apache Spark - Romeo Kienzler (IBM Zurich)
    2. Cloud scale predictive DevOps automation using Apache Spark (continued) - Romeo Kienzler (IBM Zurich)
    3. Using speech as the new command line to fly a drone - Mark Vanderwiele (IBM Corporation)
    4. Analytics is the new monitoring: Anomaly detection applied to web performance - Bart De Vylder (CoScale)
    5. A customer is complaining on Twitter - who do you invite to the war room? - Daniel Khan (Dynatrace), Klaus Enzenhofer (Dynatrace)
    6. Using information to build the right architecture - Adam Warne (
    7. Can your software development and delivery keep up with the Cloud? - Cor van der Struijf (IBM)
    8. Mean time to innocence – If everything’s green, why are we still slow? - Phil Stanhope (Dyn)
  7. Design
    1. Designing good infrastructure tools - James Turnbull (Kickstarter)
    2. Fake it until you make it: Interface design to the rescue of performance - Jean-Pierre Vincent (BrainCracking)
    3. Beyond the waterfall - meaningful web performance visualizations - Simon Hearne (NCC Group)
    4. Design for a global audience (and how a pattern library can help!) - Sophie Shepherd (Ushahidi)
  8. Organizational Dynamics
    1. Blame. Language. Learning: 3 tips for learning from incidents in your organisation - Lindsay Holmwood (Australian Government Digital Transformation Office)
    2. Burnout in tech - Samantha Quiñones (AOL), Patrick Debois (Smalltownheroes), Lorna Mitchell (LornaJane), Lindsay Holmwood (Australian Government Digital Transformation Office)
    3. Conway's 3 other laws: Optimizing teams in a distributed world - Mike Amundsen (API Academy, CA Technologies)
    4. We are all DevOps - Katherine Daniels (Etsy)
    5. Conferences are great - This is how we set up our own - Mark Barnes (Financial Times)
  9. Case Studies
    1. Scaling continuous delivery to a next level at the enterprise - Mark Heistek (ING), Taco Bakker (ING)
    2. One year later: How Marks Spencer revolutionized PerfOps after Velocity 2014 - Andrew Neilson (M)
    3. Open components as microservices in the front-end world - Matteo Figus (OpenTable)
    4. A real-life account of moving 100% to a public cloud - Julien SIMON (AWS), Antoine Guy (Viadeo)
  10. Performance: UX
    1. Measuring the performance of single page web applications - Philip Tellis (SOASTA), Nic Jansma (SOASTA)
    2. Adapting for the times - Steve Workman (Yell)
    3. Best viewed with... - Adam Onishi (dxw)
    4. Bad implementations of good ideas: How systemic inattention to performance can kill your mobile app - Doug Sillars (AT)
    5. Delivering fast and rich web user experiences - Mark Zeman (SpeedCurve)
  11. Security Networking
    1. Managing secrets at scale - Alex Schoof (Fugue)
    2. Using Docker safely - Adrian Mouat (Container Solutions)
  12. Other
    1. Velocity debate club - Bridget Kromhout (Pivotal), Gareth Rushgrove (Puppet Labs)

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