Velocity Conference - London, UK 2018

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Velocity conferences, the O'Reilly symposiums devoted to web operations, DevOps, and systems engineering, always promise education with inspiration. Velocity London 2018 kept that promise. The inspiration portion came from keynote luminaries like World Economic Forum AI expert Omoju Miller, University of Cambridge distributed systems researcher Martin Kleppmann, and chaos engineering wizard Crystal Hirschorn (Condé Nast International). The education portion came in the form of the conference's sessions devoted to building, deploying, and running complex, distributed applications and systems. This video compilation offers a front row view for all of Velocity London's best keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions. It contains hours of material to study and enjoy at your own pace.

Highlights include:

  • Kubernetes sessions, such as Bridget Kromhout's (Microsoft) intro level Kubernetes 101 tutorial; Bridget Lane's (Gannett|USA Today) look at the hidden costs of Kubernetes; and Lee Calcote's (SolarWinds) tutorial on building secure microservices with Istio and Kubernetes.
  • Distributed systems sessions, including Amy Boyle (New Relic) on building distributed real-time stream processing systems and José Carlos Chávez's (Typeform) explanation of distributed tracing.
  • Distributed data sessions, including Rafael Chacon (Slack) on sharding MySQL clusters using Vitess and Heidi Waterhouse (LaunchDarkly) on the risks of retaining deprecated codebases.
  • Monitoring, observability, and performance sessions, including Marcus Barczak (Fastly) on moving from push-based monitoring to pull-based with Prometheus and Constance Caramanolis (Lyft) on using Envoy’s extensive metrics to identify the root cause of production incidents.
  • DevOps and SRE sessions, such as Ana Medina's (Gremlin) chaos engineering tutorial and Yaniv Aknin's (Google Cloud) how-to on applying metrics and data to architectural decision making.
  • Building secure systems sessions, including Sabree Blackmon's (Scytale) look at building trust between distributed systems with SPIFFE and Mandi Walls' (Chef) deep dive tutorial into security and compliance using InSpec.
  • Systems engineering and architecture sessions, including Siddharth Ram's (Intuit) review of how Intuit moved millions of customers from private infrastructure to the public cloud.
  • Serverless sessions, including Yan Cui's (DAZN) detailed tutorial on how to build observability into a serverless application.
  • Microservices and containers sessions, including Michael Kehoe's (LinkedIn) tutorial detailing the best practices in container monitoring.
  • Leadership and career growth sessions, including Rowan Cota (BuzzFeed) on using in-house apprenticeship programs to grow your own SREs

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Kubernetes: Good or Evil? - The Ethics of Data Centers - Anne Currie (Container Solutions)
    2. Incognito Mentorship - Katrina Owen (GitHub)
    3. Deriving Meaning in a Time of Chaos: The Intersection between Chaos Engineering and Observability - Crystal Hirschorn (Condé Nast International)
    4. A new vision for the Global Brain: Deep learning with people instead of machines - Omoju Miller (GitHub)
    5. Learning from the Web of Life - Claire Janisch (BiomimicrySA)
    6. The Misinformation Age - Jane Adams (Two Sigma Investments)
    7. The Freedom of Kubernetes - Kris Nova (Heptio)
    8. What changes when we go offline-first? - Martin Kleppmann (University of Cambridge)
  2. Sponsored
    1. Hey, Helm, can you scale? (Sponsored by JFrog) - Baruch Sadogursky (JFrog)
  3. Distributed Systems
    1. How to build your first distributed application (for dummies) - Ria Bhatia (Microsoft)
    2. Distributed-Systems Development Made Fun Again With the Garden Framework - Ellen Korbes (
    3. Understanding Gossip Protocols. - Félix López Luis (Google)
    4. Building a distributed real-time stream processing system - Amy Boyle (New Relic)
  4. Microservices and Containers
    1. Container observability with eBPF - Jorge Salamero (Sysdig)
    2. Evolution of the Runtastic Backend - Simon Lasselsberger (Runtastic GmbH)
    3. Advanced Docker image build patterns - Gareth Rushgrove (Docker)
  5. Kubernetes
    1. GitOps and Jenkins X - Tracy Miranda (CloudBees)
    2. Writing a Kubernetes Operator to deploy a complex system - Philippe Martin (Anevia)
    3. Securing Kubernetes Networking with Consul Connect - Nic Jackson (HashiCorp)
    4. The Hidden Cost of Kubernetes - Bridget Lane (Gannett | USA Today), Marcelo Mandolesi (Gannett USA TODAY)
    5. From Kubelet to Istio: Kubernetes Network Security Demystified - Andrew Martin (ControlPlane)
    6. Switching Horses Midstream: The Challenges of Migrating 150+ Microservices to Kubernetes - Sarah Wells (Financial Times)
    7. Kubernetes is Not For Developers and Other Things the Hype Never Told You - Taylor Thomas (Microsoft Azure)
  6. DevOps and SRE
    1. Don't Panic! How to Cope Now You're Responsible for Production - Euan Finlay (Financial Times)
    2. Better Incident Command for Improved MTTR - Beth Long (New Relic), Elisa Binette (New Relic)
  7. Leadership and Career Growth
    1. Leading the charge: designing a dynamic engineering org during rapid-growth hiring - Renee Orser (NS1)
    2. A Good SRE is Hard to Find (The Power of Apprenticeship) - Rowan Cota (BuzzFeed)
    3. Designing an Effective Approach to Hiring Through Continuous Improvement - Marisa Brandt (White House Custom Colour)
    4. Reliability Engineering for Humans - Hannah Foxwell (Pivotal)
  8. Serverless
    1. What we know (now) about serverless - Pam Selle (IOPipe)
    2. How to build observability into a serverless application - Yan Cui (DAZN)
    3. Securing Serverless: By Breaking In - Guy Podjarny (Snyk)
  9. Monitoring, Observability, and Performance
    1. Prometheus for Practitioners: Pulling yourself out of push based monitoring. - Marcus Barczak (Fastly Inc.)
    2. Leveraging Envoy when responding to high severity incidents - Constance Caramanolis (Lyft)
    3. Distributed Tracing: understanding how all your components work together - José Carlos Chávez (Typeform)
    4. Monitoring Custom Metrics or: How I Learned to Instrument First and Ask Questions Later - Maxime Petazzoni (SignalFx)
    5. Practical Advice for Monitoring Microservices - Adrian McMichael (Rightmove PLC)
  10. Distributed Data
    1. Stories from the DBA trenches - Silvia Botros (SendGrid)
    2. Friction to Freedom: Fueling Agile Development Through Secure Data Automation - Nick Suwyn (Choice Hotels)
    3. A Global Source of Truth for the Microservices Generation - Ben Stopford (Confluent)
    4. The Death of Data: Retention, Rot, and Risk - Heidi Waterhouse (LaunchDarkly)
  11. Building Secure Systems
    1. Critical Infrastructure Software Security: A Maritime Shipping Study Case - Elisa Heymann (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Bart Miller (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    2. Building trust between distributed systems with SPIFFE - Sabree Blackmon (Scytale)
    3. Govern your cloud platform - Jermila Paul Dhas (Financial Times)
    4. 10 lessons learned from writing over 300,000 lines of infrastructure code - Yevgeniy Brikman (Gruntwork)
    5. A programmer's guide to secure connections - Liz Rice (Aqua Security)
  12. Systems Engineering and Architecture
    1. Everything You Wanted To Know About Monorepos But Were Afraid To Ask - Simon Stewart (Selenium Project)
    2. Migrating millions of customers to public cloud - Siddharth Ram (Intuit)
    3. Building sustainable teams to handle uncertainty - Jenny Duckett (Ministry of Justice)
    4. Victims of our own success and how we addressed our scalability challenges - John Doran (Phorest)
  13. Tutorials
    1. Chaos Engineering Bootcamp - Ana Medina (Gremlin) - Part 1
    2. Chaos Engineering Bootcamp - Ana Medina (Gremlin) - Part 2
    3. Kubernetes 101 - Bridget Kromhout (Microsoft) - Part 1
    4. Kubernetes 101 - Bridget Kromhout (Microsoft) - Part 2
    5. Hands On Security Workflow with InSpec - Mandi Walls (Chef)
    6. Using Istio - Lee Calcote (SolarWinds), Girish Ranganathan (SolarWinds) - Part 1
    7. Using Istio - Lee Calcote (SolarWinds), Girish Ranganathan (SolarWinds) - Part 2

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