A program intended to mentor founders and accelerate the growth and success of a startup company.
accredited investor
As defined by federal securities laws, a person who is permitted to invest in startups and other high-risk private company securities based on the net worth and income level of the potential investor.
A transaction between two companies where one is buying the other.
adverse change redemption
A type of redemption right whereby a shareholder gets the right to redeem his shares if something adverse happens to the company.
People who advise startup companies. Normally, these people are paid some sort of compensation for their efforts.
affirmative covenants
Action that the company promises to take during the term of the financing contract in a financing.
agency costs
The costs associated in an agency/principal relationship that the principal incurs either directly or indirectly.
The earliest of early prototypes of a product. This is before the beta, which is still a prototype, but with a lot more polish.
amortization terms
Terms that debt lenders use to better align the debt with the capital strategy of the company.
A very junior person at a venture capital firm, often a recent college graduate.
angel investor
An individual who provides capital to a startup company. This person is usually independently wealthy and invests her own money in the company.
A term that provides price protection for ...

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