The purpose of the system Qualification phase is to perform formal and operational tests on the integrated prototype system to assure the quality of the system as a whole. Ideally, during the system Qualification phase, no further construction activities are allowed. Generally, system qualification tests are made on a physical target system in a real (rather than simulated) environment. Nevertheless, it is possible to perform some verification on a virtual prototype when actual physical tests are too expensive or pose risk to humans, property or the environment. In such circumstances, system simulations help realize substantial cost savings; however, qualification tests should be considered not fully conclusive.

2.6.1 Generate a Qualification/Acceptance System Test Plan (SysTP)


The objective of this activity is to develop a qualification/acceptance SysTP that guides the verification process such that the system and its enabling product work as intended. There are slight differences between a qualification system test plan and an acceptance system test plan. The objective of the first one is related to an internal developer’s evaluation of the system, whereas the objective of the second one is related to demonstrating the system for the customer’s evaluation.


The qualification/acceptance SysTP documents the level of testing necessary to validate the successful completion of the system development. As mentioned above, ...

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