Appendix F. Verilog Examples

This appendix contains the source code for two examples.

  • The first example is a synthesizable model of a FIFO implementation.

  • The second example is a behavioral model of a 256K × 16 DRAM.

These examples are provided to give the reader a flavor of real-life Verilog HDL usage. The reader is encouraged to look through the source code to understand coding style and the usage of Verilog HDL constructs.

Synthesizable FIFO Model

This example describes a synthesizable implementation of a FIFO. The FIFO depth and FIFO width in bits can be modified by simply changing the value of two parameters, `FWIDTH and `FDEPTH. For this example, the FIFO depth is 4 and the FIFO width is 32 bits. The input/output ports of the FIFO are shown in ...

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