These are the httpd.conf directives that apply to mod_dav_svn:

DAV svn

Must be included in any Directory or Location block for a Subversion repository. It tells httpd to use the Subversion backend for mod_dav to handle all requests.

SVNAllowBulkUpdates On|Off

Toggles support for all-inclusive responses to update-style REPORT requests. Subversion clients use REPORT requests to get information about directory tree checkouts and updates from mod_dav_svn. They can ask the server to send that information in one of two ways: with the entirety of the tree’s information in one massive response, or with a skelta (a skeletal representation of a tree delta), which contains just enough information for the client to know what additional data to request from the server. When this directive is included with a value of Off, mod_dav_svn will only ever respond to these REPORT requests with skelta responses, regardless of the type of responses requested by the client.

Most folks won’t need to use this directive at all. It primarily exists for administrators who wish—for security or auditing reasons—to force Subversion clients to fetch individually all the files and directories needed for updates and checkouts, thus leaving an audit trail of GET and PROPFIND requests in Apache’s logs. The default value of this directive is On.

SVNAutoversioning On|Off

When its value is On, allows write requests from WebDAV clients to result in automatic commits. A generic log message is autogenerated and ...

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