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Version Control with Git and GitHub

Video Description

A hands-on introduction to the most popular source control solutions used by developers worldwide

About This Video

  • Explains in detail about version control, its need, and where can it be used
  • Demonstrates how to use Git as an individual and as part of a team
  • Explains debugging, maintenance, and deployment with Git and GitHub

In Detail

This course introduces version control, its relevance, and usage. In the first part, you'll learn how to set up and configure Git on your computer. Then, you'll create a repository and use it for exercises throughout the course. Through multiple demos, you'll learn concepts that show various stages of a file - from when it is untracked to when it is set for tracking under version control. You'll see how to navigate the history of a repository, fetch and deliver code to GitHub, and undo code changes. The first part ends with you learning to work with branches, storing and retrieving changes temporarily, and merging the desired changes into a repository.

In the second part, you'll learn about forking as part of a collaborative workflow. You'll learn to address modularity and duplication through submodules, tracing and rectifying faulty changes, and maintaining repositories. The second part ends with you learning how to deploy applications using GitHub.

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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introducing Version Control
    1. Course Overview 00:03:35
    2. Lesson Overview 00:02:19
    3. Defining Version Control 00:08:48
    4. Navigating GitHub 00:09:55
    5. Runtime Config 00:05:54
    6. Creating a Repository 00:14:02
    7. Fundamentals of Repositories 00:08:51
    8. Summary 00:00:34
  2. Chapter 2 : Versioning Commits
    1. Lesson Overview 00:00:55
    2. Introduction to Versioning Commits Part-1 00:06:37
    3. Introduction to Versioning Commits Part-2 00:14:00
    4. Introduction to Versioning Commits Part-3 00:05:06
    5. Versioning Commits Part-1 00:04:22
    6. Versioning Commits Part-2 00:12:58
    7. Amending Commits 00:05:27
    8. Summary 00:00:29
  3. Chapter 3 : Fetching and Delivering Code
    1. Lesson Overview 00:01:40
    2. Introduction to Versioning Commits 00:05:49
    3. Fetching the Code Part-1 00:09:33
    4. Fetching the Code Part-2 00:05:39
    5. Fetching the Code Part-3 00:05:52
    6. Summary 00:00:39
  4. Chapter 4 : Branches
    1. Lesson Overview 00:01:19
    2. Utilizing Workflows Part 1 00:09:56
    3. Utilizing Workflows Part 2 00:13:13
    4. Feature-Branch Workflow-Driven Delivery 00:07:54
    5. Creating, Renaming, Deleting, and Listing Branches 00:16:03
    6. git stash list and Merging 00:14:08
    7. Pull Request 00:08:14
    8. Identifying and Fixing Merge Issues 00:04:53
    9. Merging and Reverting Pull Requests 00:02:49
    10. Summary 00:00:22
  5. Chapter 5 : Collaborative Git
    1. Lesson Overview 00:01:09
    2. Forking the Workflow Part-1 00:19:54
    3. Forking the Workflow Part-2 00:11:20
    4. Debugging and Maintenance 00:07:36
    5. Housekeeping 00:06:12
    6. Summary 00:00:29
  6. Chapter 6 : Automated Testing and Release Management
    1. Lesson Overview 00:01:03
    2. Test Automation 00:08:54
    3. Automated Pull Requests 00:03:03
    4. Release Management 00:07:05
    5. Git Archive 00:02:01
    6. Summary 00:00:58