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Video SEO: Rank Higher in Google and YouTube

Video Description

Search engine optimization for videos. Boost your views, engagement and subscribers in YouTube and your websites instantly.

About This Video

  • Learn how to make a video optimization and the details to improve
  • Highly recommended for people that start and or have some knowledge of video SEO

In Detail

You've got a great video, but nothing has really happened since you posted it online, right? If you feel useless with your marketing, can't get your video to show up in Google, YouTube or other search engines - I'll teach you how to succeed! Even with zero SEO experience, you’ll be able to optimize and rank videos like a pro! Why learn SEO for videos? Videos are much easier to rank than text content (about 10-20x easier). 50%+ of searchers click on a video in Google search results.You can double conversion rates whenever a visitor watches a video (collect an email, sell a product, and so on.)So your video can be a great source of traffic and customers but only if your targeted prospects have the opportunity to watch it.