Page numbers with “t” denote tables; those with “f” denote figures



AAF. See Advanced authoring format

Accounting management, 403t

ActiveX Data Objects, 213

Active picture area, 478f

Address filtering, 42

Address mapping, for virtualization, 104

ADO.NET, 212

Advanced authoring format

definition of, 339

edit-in-place methods, 340, 340f

file interchange, 340–341

import/export methods, 340, 340f

MXF and, similarities between, 341

operations provided by, 339

reference implementation, 341–342

Advanced Televisions Systems Committee (ATSC), 489

AES. See Audio Engineering Society

AES/EBU audio link, 493

Aggregate array I/O rates, 123–125

Analog broadcast standards, 488–489

Analog signals

composite video, 485–488

description of, ...

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