27Virtual Large-Scale Events

Facilitating virtual large-scale events is a discipline that requires strong skills within virtual facilitation. We define a large-scale event as one where you gather more than 50 people together at the same time. The key thing to understand is that these take a lot of preparation – more than the normal amount – to make sure that you get maximum impact out of them and that your participants leave with the right feeling when they finish, and with the right produced input from you.

Before a virtual large-scale event

One of the most important things to decide in the planning phase is what type of format you are going to run. Will it be mainly one-way webinars, a town hall, presentations, a selling-in exercise, or a workshop where you co-create? Deciding which of these formats you'll use is crucial because each one sets off a different planning phase. Regardless of what format your event will take, you still always start with the purpose at the centre of the Design Star. What is the purpose of this large-scale event? Is it to inform, is it to produce something, or is it to sense-make with a big audience?

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