Chapter 6

Contracting with Contract Workers


check Determining whether a contract is necessary

check Working with independent contractors (ICs)

check Using nondisclosure agreements (NDA) or not

check Understanding the noncompete agreements

Independent contractors. Freelancers. On-demand workers. Consultants. Self-employed. Solopreneurs. Flex-jobbers. Side-giggers. Call them what you want. In this gig economy and with the rise of virtual teams, independent contractors (ICs) represent a valuable pool of flexible, on-demand talent who specialize in performing specific tasks for a company without actually being an employee. By nature of their agility, independence, and expertise in their field, they’re ideally suited to be members of virtual teams.

More and more, people are opting out of traditional employment and choosing instead to contract their services to multiple clients. And companies reap the benefits. These highly skilled professionals can come onto a team and immediately get to the task at hand with little to no training or investment of time to get them up to speed.

This trend is ...

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