Chapter 11

Establishing Best Practices of Engagement


check Clarifying team purpose

check Setting realistic goals and expectations

check Developing a virtual team community

check Building a team agreement

check Planning and conducting virtual team meetings

Worldwide engagement levels are at an all-time low with only one out of three employees reporting being fully engaged at work and 17 percent of all employees reporting they are completely disengaged. Engagement impacts customer satisfaction, profits, productivity, turnover, safety issues, absenteeism, quality, and more. Not surprising, engagement is also costing your company big time. The Gallup organization estimates that more than $300 billion a year is lost due to disengaged workers. It’s obvious that engagement needs to be a strategic priority for every leader in every company.

What is known for sure is that engagement is one of the most important and challenging aspects of virtual teams. Numerous research studies, including the virtual ...

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