Chapter 16

Checking All Things Technology: What You Need to Know


check Figuring out what your team needs

check Selecting the right technology for your team

check Packing your toolbox with the essentials

check Training your team on the tools

Can virtual teams exist without technology? Sure. I would argue that highly coordinated — and very effective — virtual teams have existed since Roman times, but this point is fair. The availability of reliable, high-speed Internet along with significant advances in hardware, software, mobile phones, smartphones, and cloud-based storage have all fueled the rapid rise of dispersed teams across the world.

Not all technology is created equal. What works for one organization may not work for yours. Your team may not need the latest suite of collaborative software tools. Rather you may require just a solid video chat program and cloud-based document storage.

Understanding, identifying, and ultimately choosing the right technology for your virtual team is a significant challenge. The ever-expanding universe of platforms, options, applications, features, and ...

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