Chapter 17

Rolling with the Changes


check Acclimating after losing a virtual team member

check Adapting as a new leader

check Adjusting to a new team goal

check Finding your footing after an organizational restructuring

Imagine that you’ve assembled a powerhouse of virtual team members who can leap tall buildings in a single bound and continually exceed your expectations at every turn. And then a team member quits and convinces another team member to join him. Or the innovative project that your team was working on gets squashed unexpectedly. Or your team gets restructured and a new boss is now leading the group. Your team can quickly be in a position of being understaffed, concerned, and confused.

In this chapter, I talk about how to help your team adjust to shifts in team membership and goals as well as best practices for onboarding a new team leader. I also discuss several ways to keep your team grounded and focused after a company restructure.

Adjusting to Shifts in Team Membership

Inevitably, your team membership will change. People find different work, transfer to another team, ...

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