Chapter 18

Leading by Example


check Creating a connected virtual team experience

check Emphasizing health and wellness

check Considering the legacy you want to leave

You may be leading remotely, but your employees pay attention to what you do and how you lead every single day. You’re the role model who sets the tone for how the team will handle conflict, build relationships, and support one another. As a leader, if you don’t walk the talk, you can be sure that you won’t have a high performing, cohesive team. Why would your team trust you if you say one thing, but you do something different?

In this chapter, I focus on how you can lead by example and set the stage for a connected team culture that is healthy and productive. As you lead, consider your legacy and the impact you want to leave behind.

Building a Connection Culture

Building meaningful relationships starts with you. When remote employees join your team, what you do in the first 48 hours to welcome them to the group sets the standard for how the rest of the team will connect. Valuing the unique skills, abilities, and backgrounds of all your team members helps them feel appreciated and cared for. Openly encouraging dialogue, ...

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