Chapter 20

Managing Workflow and Execution


check Establishing clear processes for how work gets done

check Delegating techniques for virtual managers

check Communicating progress and priorities to others outside the team

Managing workflow on projects with your virtual team requires a different approach then when your team is located in the same office. How you communicate, what online collaboration tools you use, and how you hold people accountable is modified when you have people located all over the world.

In this chapter I share with you how to effectively set up the workflow process on a project, how to choose the right tools to track and manage your project, and how to delegate effectively to team members get the work done. I also discuss the importance of sharing progress and obstacles with other teams and stakeholders that are impacted by your work.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

For every new project hold a virtual kickoff session. Doing so gives the team a chance to bond and builds excitement and connection around the project. If you thoughtfully plan and execute the kickoff session with clear goals and outcomes, you set up your team and the project for success.

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